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Welcome Diana, we look forward to seeing your crafty creations.

You're not the only non-blogger. I use the blog facility on this site when I want a bit of a whinge, but I try not to do that too often.


We love tutorials here and are keen on tips and clever ideas, so the more the merrier.


  welcome to sew weekly.So proud you joined us.. Alot of us dont have blogs..I just started one [and it is pretty pitiful,ha].. No tutortials from me..[I can bareley tell me ,how to do somegthing.much less any one else,ha].  And I am really computer dumb..but.......

  I love to sew...and

I love all the sew weekly girls..

You will soon discover how sweet and helpful they are.. Happy Sewing.

Welcome and lucky you having all that resource at your fingertips! Look forward to seeing your photos...

Hi everyone,

I have recently joined sew weekly and I am loving it! My name is Lynn and I have only recently started sewing again after a 20 year break, it was after I saw all of the wonderful sewing blogs out there that I started to look at fabrics and patterns again, I am so glad I did because this has inspired me to start making my own clothes again. I have just finished my first summer dress in navy and white ( I have posted  a picture on the photo gallery)  I already have a cross stitch blog and a cross stitch tutorials blog but I now have a sewing blog called

I love sewing, cross stitching, making things from polymer clay and any type of craft I can get my hands on!


I am looking forward to checking out as many photos as I can and seeing all of the wonderful creations on here.



Hi Lynn,

 that is great.. so proud you are sewing for yourself..It is so much fun,isnt it?  and the girls on here ,are just wonderful..

   I have learned so much.. Happy sewing.

Hi Judy,

It is fun, especially joining in a forum like this, I am looking forward to getting to know everyone! 



Hi Meghan..

 sure you can do it..  It will be so fun.. knowing that each of these dresses will be for your "special days".

 Look forward to see what you choose to make..  Have fun and Happy Sewing.



My name is Megan Eliza and I live in the east side in Vancouver, BC - and I have to start off by saying I am not a natural sewist by any stretch of the imagination. Until I was thirty, I had never touched a sewing machine. In junior high school I would have failed my sewing class if it were not for my mother rescuing my project (a bean-bag frog) and resewing it for me. If not for her, my frog would have lots all its beans before even making it into the school for grading!


But a few years ago, while living in semi-seclusion in a small coastal town (Gibsons, BC - home of the Beachcombers) I bought myself a cheap sewing machine and learned how to make a quilted potholder at the local quilting shop. From there I extrapolated that a full-sized quilt was really just potholder x 60 and the next thing you know I was quilting a queen-sized quilt (badly I might add) which I still use to this day. From then on I have slowly built my skills to the degree that I now consider myself a somewhat proficient household sewist and actually sew most of the gifts I give away.


In December, I bought myself a much nicer sewing machine (Pfaff Expression 3.0) which was a big expense but one that I am *so* glad to have made since my sewing has gone up several notches in quality as a result. Because the machine is so great and easy to work with I have found myself increasingly wanting to sew and so spending a lot more time at it. This has lead me query whether or not I might make some of my own clothing.


Today (Friday), I am proud to wear a simple elastic-waisted skirt which represents my first clothing attempt (ever). I am hoping to work my way through basic skirts and tops over the summer and hopefully get a dress or two into the wardrobe as well. In the fall I start grad school on top of a full-time job so I know that I'll be a mite busy with reading and paper-writing - so I've got a plan to focus on my skills building in the next three months which will allow me to sew at my leisure come the busier times. We'll see how that goes.


I blog at and when I'm not otherwise engaged in the world - and work in professional communications as a web developer and e-comm specialist. Cheers!



Hi Megan

I took look at your blog, but haven't read past the first post because I'm at work (oops), but I'm going to bookmark it and read more later.  I have family/friends in East Van who are also interested in urban farming; in fact, during my last visit, we helped them dig up their potatoes and then went on a neighbourhood hunt for free food (blackberries in the ditches, alpine strawberries at the local park, etc.)  I am also getting back into gardening after taking a few years off because of baby making ;)  Now that the yard apes are old enough to hold big seeds (and know when a berry is ripe), we are gardening together.  


I am also getting back into sewing after about a 10 year gap.  I'm sure you'll find some helpful ideas and comments from the great people in the group. 


My name is Anne and I live in South Carolina- but am really a northern expatriot! I attendeed classes at FIT in NY years ago, but work in Surgical Services at our local hospital. The job is great- I help people- help people, but doesn't exactly feed the creative soul! For the last few years I've sewn mostly doll couture and scrub caps for OR folks, but I miss sewing for me- so I found this group and I'm already feeling inspired by all of you. I can't wait to try my 1st challenge.

About me- I'm married to the most tolerant man on this planet- my whims never fail to entertain him! We are  unchilded by choice sharing our home with 4 cats and 3 little dachshunds. My obsessions include 40's noir, silent and golden age film, reading too much and a little town in Florida that has a giant mouse!   

Welcome Anne - We all look forward to seeing your first (and second and third) efforts. It's such a lot of fun joining in with the challenges.
My name is Justine Abbitt and I am a stay at home mom to four.I moved with my family from LA to an orange ranch 5 years ago. I went to a fashion school, FIDM and got a degree in fashion design years ago but was always a very sloppy sewist.I actually paid the dry cleaner to insert my zippers on my projects! After school I worked as a costume assistant in the movies and then had my first two kids . A few years of trying to be an actress and living in France and now we are country folks.
About 2 years ago when I was pregnant I rediscovered sewing and have been at it full swing and blog about it at sew I really enjoy learning from other blogs and am so excited about this here website as it seems like a great spot to connect with other sewing converts. Mena, your website is genius! I look forward to participating!


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