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Am I the only Welshie signed up? I did learn sewing many moons ago in school with a very strict scary teacher who put me off. Since having children and  bit more time now I found my way back to sewing a couple of years ago. I am a fabric a holic as my family will tell everyone and our lounge is being over run by my fabric purchases! I even have my eagle eyed mum on the prowl for buttons for me. She found the most amazing haul of vintage french buttons from 1900s onwards in a weeny clothing shop in Essex some where, it was like a treasure haul of fabulous shapes and colours for my bags. I would love to track down someone in Wales to meet up with,  anyone out there??....Clairex
You're not the only Welshie!  I live in Risca in South Wales, whereabouts are you?  Have you seen there's a UK meet up in London on 14th May to go to the V&A and do some fabric shopping?  Would love to meet a fellow Welsh sewer too!  Mimi x
Mimi, I'm slap bang in the middle of the Gower peninsula, Swansea. ooh a London meet up, just came back from the country living show yesterday in Islington!  I've spent the last couple of hours online trying to track down some affordable woven wool or tweedy fabrics in lovely pastel colours to no avail. Boo Hoo, any I did find was at leat £20+ a metre and out of my wallet's range.  I must admit London sounds interesting, will you do a day trip on the train?

I lived in Swansea for a year when I did my MA.  I'll be on the Swansea-Paddington train, thinking of getting the one that gets into Paddington for 10.02, I've looked up the train prices on and there's a return ticket with the tube and buses included. It's only a day trip, but sounds like we're packing in as much as we can!


Ah, your woven wool search sounds like my cotton jersey search!  Although I've just bagged a remnant from Cardiff market for £3 which I can make a top from (had the day off work so spent it wisely fabric shopping!)

Ah ha! You have found your people, right here! I look forward to seeing your treasures, handmade and purchased! Welcome to the group!

Hi Everyone

I'm so excited that I've found this site.

My name's Ann, I'm from Copenhagen, Denmark. I'm 30 years old and I learned to sew when I was about 10. I recently took sewing up again, highly inspired by Gertie's blog: Gerties blog for better sewing, and I started (last night) a blog about my re-discovered interest.

Welcome Ann - Quite a few of us here know about re-discovered interests when it comes to sewing. We look forward to seeing what you come up with.
nice to see you here Ann, so glad you found sewing again, and found us too x

eek, i crashed the party without introducing myself!


i'm oonaballoona, and i found out about this fab place through veronica darling's blog. i've been loving her weekly creations, and finally had a look at the mothership. wowza. a couple weeks ago (right around tax time, actually... enough to kill any spark of inspiration...) i was in a major sewing rut and decided i needed to join the fun.  so far i'm on my third challenge and i've been inspired to finish/begin other creations as well.


what else... i live in new york, insanely happily married to one ruggy and keeper of two cats. currently i'm in between jobs, which means more time for sewing, yoga, writing, blogging, and oh yes, drinking. i'm also over at, and on burdastyle as oonaballoona.


thanks mena for this happy supportive community!

Welcome Oonaballoona - we already know you are more than capable of great innovative sewing. I really look forward to more of your creations.
Hello oonaballoona, I just love what you have made so far, it is very fun, glad you are here!

I'm Kate, an American in Paris, a working mom, parent to two and novice sewist. I've come back to sewing after 22 years (the last time I used a sewing machine was in junior high home economics) and I'm having a great time relearning old skills and acquiring new ones. And I've been blogging about it all - sewing and refashioning, kids & crafts, a little cooking, and all my mishaps along the way - over at Two little cabbages & cie.


I don't really have sewing friends in "real life" or time to take a class (let alone know where to do one here or if I'm up to it in French), so I'm so grateful for all the online sewing resources and groups out there in the blogosphere. This site is amazing and I'm looking forward to learning lots from you all and maybe even working up the courage to post some of my projects. To date, I've been focusing on refashioning and patternless sewing, especially for my kids, and doing some creative things with a stash of antique linen my French mother-in-law gave me recently. I have a huge fear of patterns, but I'm edging towards doing one soon. Or soonish. Eeek! My own mother, an excellent seamstress, will be visiting at Easter and I'm hoping she'll hold my hand as I tackle my first pattern. I might even make something for me, instead of my children. ;-)


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