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Hi Mary,,

   So proud to have you here at sew weekly.Look forward to seeing your garments. It is so much fun to see what people come up with.. I have sewed for 25 yrs and I promise you..I have learned more in  a couple months here ,than I could have imagined.. and  the girls on here are sooooooooooooo nice.. Happy Sewing.

Hi everyone! My name is Ashley and I live in Indiana, USA. 


I've been sewing small craft projects since I was five. Learned embroidery at age seven. Then I tried my hand at sewing clothes at age ten. Fail miserably as I nobody to tell me what I was doing wrong. When I was fifteen I tried sewing clothing again, this time I did lots of research first through books and online, and guess what? My first project was a huge success!!! I was so happy! Now at the age of twenty, I run several different blogs and an Esty shop. 


My favorite eras to sew are the 1940s - early 1960s. I adore collecting patterns. I have over 250+ patterns in my collection right now. They are a mix of early 1900s - current. Besides using already made patterns I enjoy drafting and draping my own patterns. My favorite way to learn is through reading old sewing books, researching on the internet, and asking people my questions on lovely forums and blogs. I also enjoy collecting old sewing books {1900s - 1970s}, magazines {1900s-1960s}, and movies.


Here are the links to my blogs and shop:

Bramblewood Fashion - My main blog

Bramblewood Dress Diary {Period Drama Costumes}

Musings of a Vintage Girl {Old Hollywood Movie Reviews}

A Girls Guide to Home Life {Vintage resources, recipes}

Bramblewood Fashion Boutique {Etsy Shop}

Hey Ashley - Welcome. Sounds like you'll be well at home here. We look forward to  seeing what you make.
hello Ashley, welcome, I'm going to have a look at your blogs later!

Hi Ashley,

 welcome..can't wait to see your garments.. Will check out your blogs later today.. I too love patterns,fabrics, books and all that goes with  sewing.

I am sort of new to sewing. I began learning at Sew Crafty - Hoston's awesome sewing lounge, but it has closed and I felt so adrift. I started finding forums like this and it really helps me feel like part of a community again. I enjoy making garments, and these days I learn most of my new skills on YouTube. I'm so happy I found other people with the sewing bug. Most people do't seem to get into it, so I have to stop myself from perseverating on it. That lead me to these web sites and I just started my own blog where I can perseverate all day long.


Thanks for having me guys!



Hi Stacie ,

 So proud you found Sew Weekly.. KNow you will have lots of fun. I am really enjoying it.  Look forward to seeing your projects..

Hi!  I'm Mimi and I blog over at Magpie Mimi.  I've only been seriously sewing for the past year and only clothes in the past few months.  I've been reading Mena's blog for a long time now and have been in awe of how quick she sews and how beautiful the pieces are that she makes, so I challenged myself to Me Made March.  I'm completely self taught by reading books and blogs as haven't been able to find a sewing class that fits around my working hours.  I really love sewing, it's becoming something of an addiction, but thankfully my boyfriend is fine with it and our cat just loves having fabric to curl up to and scraps to fight with!


I'm hoping joining this group will spur me on even more to keep sewing!


Happy sewing everyone! x

Hi Mimi,

Glad you have joined us! It's a lot of fun and very inspirational!

Thanks!  I've been thinking of joining for a while and I'm so glad I did now I know there's going to be a UK meet up!

Glad you have joined us Mimi and thrilled you want to come to the meet - we should have loads of fun!

Hi!  I'm Gigi and I am a lifetime sewer. I have very little time as I work full time outside the home. This doesn't stop me, though!  I have sewn childrens clothes, my clothes, costumes, orchestra dresses, and now I am committed to spreading the love of sewing to the girls in the girl scout troop I Lead! We have participated in service projects which required sewing both locally and internationally! My goal is to get more involved in the sewing community and sew more garments for my home, for the community and for myself!


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