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Hi Charlotte and welcome.  If you want to get into making fancy gowns be they evening, wedding or historical go for it!  It is never too late to get started if you really want to. 

By the way this could be a very useful site for you to visit as it is french but even with lack of the language I find the draping lesson here very interesting and useful.

Hello, my Name is Amber and I'm a Canadian transplanted to Oz.  My mother was a seamstress and I grew up with her sewing scraps, which made some awesome clothes for my Little Ponies and brother's teddies.  My first garment was a leather jacket for his favourite teddy, complete with shoulder seams (I was 6 or 7) by hand.  I have dabbled and made quite a few single garments over the years but nothing serious.  I really sewed only when I couldn't find something I wanted....


But, as of June 28th this year, I'm only sewing my clothes!  At least for 12 months.... however, if you go to my blog and look at the latest Fall Essentials Sew Along planning entry, OMG, there's 12 months for you!  I've got a scary stash that I've accumulated over years (I'm a sucker for material) and have just started collecting patterns and my first sewing book!


And that's me!  Hope to make some new friends with similar interests!

Welcome Amber - always nice to know when there is another Aussie sewer. I'm in VIC. I am amazed that your first garment as made with leather - I'm not game to try that yet.

We'll look forward to seeing you make a dent in your stash and what you make with it. Cheers, Jenny

Thanks! It'll be easy to do... I must remain focussed though :)  My problem is the attention span of a goldfish... Hey look! a cloud!



I'm Barb Howe, I've been sewing since I was was little. My addiction to sewing has reached the point where I've decided to make a career of it and am currently studying to be an apparel designer. This comes on the heels of a decision to retire from my previous addiction, racing bicycles which I did professionally for the past seven years. I still ride my bike every day but now it's mostly to class instead of training.

My awesome boyfriend built a beautiful website for me as a cyclist and as time permits between school and work I plan on posting my past and present sewing projects. You can see what I used to do here . Reading everyone's sewing blogs and posting here has motivated me to use my website and start sharing!



Hi Barb - Welcome. Well you really seem to do your all when you start a new hobby (even to the point of becoming a professional!). The motivation that everyone provides here is fabulous. We will enjoy sharing with you. Cheers, Jenny

Hi! My name is Chantel Day. I live a the small rural community of Credtion, Ontario. I have been sewing professionally for 10 years with theatre company, Last year I started Threads by Chantel, my home based business offering custom clothing, alteration and selling my own designs. I love to upcycle and for the most part all of my clothing is one-0f-a-kind.

I am always looking for others to share my love of sewing, designing, creating etc. So happy to find this site and I can't wait to participate in the weekly challenges. What great inspiration!

Hi, I'm Abbey & I live in Melbourne, Australia with my much better half, our almost 3 year old daughter, 1 fat cat & 2 fluffy chickens. 

I always thought I could sew .......... about 2 years ago I discovered I couldn't and since then I've been learning.  Properly.  My Aunt, Grandmother & Great Grandmother were seamstresses; I think that's why I assumed I could sew.  Since I found out I didn't intrinsically know how I've taken lessons, brought a serger, learned about reading patterns and have gained more skills than I had any idea were needed for sewing.  Most of all; I've gained enormous respect for people who can sew.

I've been following the Sew Weekly throughout the past year and have had my mind blown away with the knowledge, skills and creativity of the members.  Never before have I considered joining an online community; I'm not even on Facebook.  But, the Sew Weekly offers something unique.  Which I'm so excited to become part of. 

Hi to all on the Weekly Sewing Circle. I found this site yesterday (Tuesday) and just had to join such a wonderful group.  I live in the UK on the (sometimes) sunny South Coast. Worthing is a small town just west from the city of Brighton & Hove which I am sure is better known! We have a local shop, unfortunately because he is normally closed more than open and cannot be relied on I normally purchase my stuff mail order, though we do have a great fabric shop in the town, but has a very limited stock of quilting fabrics.

I've been sewing (and knitting by hand and machine) for more years than I care to remember. I like craft things, patchwork and dressmaking and the odd bit of soft furnishing! Basically if it is fabric and can be held long enough for me to sew it I sew it!!!!!!

Dressmaking is somewhat of a problem at the moment, I have no trouble with bottom garments such as pants and skirts but tops are another matter. I could write a book on my efforts to find what the books class as a sewing buddy to advise me where I need to change patterns to make them fit. Unfortunately I know no one who sews.

If there is anyone on this group who is in the Worthing and surrounding area who would like to meet up for a chat over a cup of tea please don't hesitate to get in touch as maybe then we could start a local group.

Other than sewing I live with a wonderful guy and two feline furballs. Both furballs automatically think that anything on the machine is being done for them, and both have been known to lie on something while I am actually sewing it and yes...............they have both done it at the same time, one at the front and one at the back!

I have a Brother 1500D (Disney version) embroidery/sewing machine and a Janome 634 overlocker.

I also have an assistant (dummy) known as Madame Fifi who does help with fitting garments but is totally hopeless when I ask her to do the housework.








Hi Sandy,

I can totaly relate to your dilemma of doing sewing for your day job and then coming home and not wanting to carry on 'doing your day job', because it is something I have been through.  For me it wasn't until a little switch in my head said 'You like embroidery, that is not tailoring or trouser shortening, therefore it is a different thing to do at home,  it is not your day job!' 

 Since then I have been much better at separating sewing for myself (embroidery patchwork & clothes) from sewing for others, even though I am now doing alterations from home.

It really is how your brain views the subject in your subconscious mind.  How about getting Claire Schaeffer's book on couture (if you haven't already got it :) ? ) and saying to yourself, 'For me I will try and make myself couture quality clothes with every long cut, handsewing and extra twiddles to make it look really good on me, because I don't have to rush it'.  But until you can get the mental separation, it can feel like you are bringing your day job home with you, in more ways than one.  Good luck

Personally, I don't mind taking in trousers(pants), through the CB, provided they have a CB seam in the waistband & are clean (but that is a whole different level of ugh), quick and easy to do.

Sure beats replacing a zip, in my book any day!  I loath zips and would far rather put in half a dozen hand stitched or bound buttonholes instead.

With decent gimp thread, hand worked buttonholes are not that soft.

I do men's, ladies' and curtain alterations, and occasionally make from new, basically if is made from fabric I will probably try it - although I draw the line at making wedding dresses and curtains, they take up too much space for cutting out, and replacing zips in motorcycle leathers (done that once, and that was enough!), and last week I turned down replacing a zip in a pair of boots - that's work for a cobbler, I would never get it under my machine.


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