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Hi Kate,

 I am so excited for you. Hope your visit to the sewing shop produces a great sewing class.and hope you have lots of fun.. Nothing more fun than sewing and learning. and I am learning so much from these wonderful sew weekly girls.. Hope you enjoy..Happy Sewing.



I have been a bit of a lurker on these boards since they started, I am sooooo impressed by the things everyone makes here, this is like a site for super-sewers!  I am from the UK and have loved Menas blog ever since I discovered it last year.


I haven't really posted because I haven't really done a lot of sewing.  I am very much a novice, but I was lucky enough to get a sewing machine for Christmas from my mum, now one of my most prized possessions.  I have long legs/arms and find buying clothes very difficult, sewing is the way forward!  I made a couple of pairs of pyjama bottoms as practice (very comfy but I found jersey fabric a little difficult!) and am now making trousers.  The only problem is I am in the middle of several long drawn-out house moves with all of my stuff in storage!


Alas, whilst I sit and pine for my fabric/machine/unfinished trousers I do enjoy looking at everyone elses beautiful pieces.

Hi Jo - Welcome. It's darn near impossible to make anything when everything is in storage, but you will have a blast when you have free access to it all again. We look forward to seeing your completed trousers sometime down the track. Cheers :-)
Thank you!  It is going to feel like Christmas when I finally get settled and unpacked - all of those belongings I have almost forgotten about!  Hope I have lots of sewing to show everyone very soon.
Welcome to sew weekly. Happy sewing.
Hi all. My name is Lindsay and I'm a bit of a beginner on the sewing front. I've dabbled in a few accessories and home dec projects before - though I never seem to get round to making half the stuff I'd like what with a full time job and 2 small children. I've made a few childrens clothes in the past and am just starting to make the leap to sewing something for myself. I first had a go at sewing clothes about 11 years ago and the whole thing went so badly that my sewing machine went under wraps for about 7 years (apart from the odd bit of hemming and very basic curtain making) when I dug it out whilst on maternity leave and started to get to grips with it again. Still the memories of that first aborted project held sway and whilst I was happy to do crafty projects and even a couple of dresses for my daughter I never quite go round to (i.e. was too coward too) make anything for myself (despite oft day dreaming about it and even purchasing a couple of patterns and kits). Anyway I have recently broken the back of my sewing inhibitions and managed to complete a clothkits skirt (wearable, but let's not mention the somewhat wonky zip - if I wear my top over it no one will notice, honest guv). Skirt number 2 is underway (slowly admittedly, but we are in the process of relocating to a new area at the moment so things are a tad manic so I'll give myself a bit of slack on that one) and I've just ordered my first two Colette patterns - squeee! I have been much inspired by all the creations on this site so hopefully making the leap and joining will give me a bit of a kick up the backside to move from dreaming about making stuff to actually doing it (even if it does look a bit wonky at first). As a result of the big move, I've given up my current job and will be looking for a new one so I'm planning to get a bit of quality sewing time inbetween finishing this job and starting the next one (sshh - don't tell my other half - he thinks I'm going to be chained to the computer sending out CV's - this'll be our little secret). I've also got a much neglected blog  Clothcat which will hopefully be getting a bit more attention in the mean time.
Welcome Lindsay - we all know about putting the machine away for an extended period when things don't go according to plan. So glad you've got it out again.  Good luck with the CV's too (but there is always time to sew - even if it is at three in the morning). Cheers :-)

HI Lindsey,

 Good luck on the move and the new job..And hopefull some sewing time..before the new job.ha

 Welcome to sew weekly.. Proud your coming on board..  Happy sewing.

Hi Hi folks!


My name is Leslie, but everyone calls me Dottie after my maiden name, Dotson.  I've been following this blog since it started and have been so very inspired by all of you that I decided to join the chatting. I blog at Modern Kiddo and have a almost weekly column there called Dottie's Kraft Korner.


I've owned a sewing machine for more than two decades (I'm actually on my fourth machine at this point) but that doesn't mean I crank out jewel after jewel of sewing delight.  I'd like to ditch my degree from the slap dash school of remedial sewing and create some lovely pieces that I am actually proud to wear.  And--gasp--actually use some of my vintage patterns. 



Hiya Dottie - no jewels of sewing delight? Well I'm still working through the cubic zirconias of talent at the moment, but I too am aiming for the diamonds. Dig out those vintage patterns - you'll be glad you did.
HI Dottie, welcome to sew weekly.Hope you enjoy  as much as I do.. Happy Sewing.

My name is Charlotte, I'm French but live in the UK (married to an englishman, 2 and a half year old daughter called Lola). I've always enjoyed crafts from as far as I can remember. I used to sew and knit clothes for my Barbie dolls when i was little. I tried to make myself dresses as a teenager but they looked horrible :( I said at school I wanted to work in fashion but was really discouraged by teachers who thought I'd better use my time going to University (at the time you couldn't learn dressmaking at university in France). So I forgot all about sewing for many years. Then about 6 months ago I started making dresses for my daughter in funky prints - I don't like the pink clothes they sell here in the UK. People started to ask me to make dresses for their daughters so I carried on. Then my sister in law asked for a dress for herself so I gave it a go. I had a couple of trials by making dresses for myself and this time they did fit and look like the pattern envelope! All that to say that I've been bitten by the sewing bug. I'm a beginner but absolutely love sewing now. I am also really worried about the absence of ethics in the fashion industry so I do like the idea of making my own clothes: at least I know they weren't made by a child. And they do fit better :)

Now I'd like to follow a course so I could learn to sew properly. My absolute dream job would be to make evening gowns, wedding dresses, or recreate historical costumes. It's too late for that now but it's ok. I do enjoy just sewing for myself, friends and family!


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