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Hi Mary!


Welcome aboard, I know you will love it here! Both m grandmother and mother were very handy with needle and thread, and I'm very fortunate that they brought me into the fold. Most of my efforts thus far have been quilts and crafts, but I am starting a mock up of my very first Made-For-Me garment today. I want to make sure of the fit and the style before I cut into my pretty charcoal linen.  The best advice I can give has already been given. Don't be afraid to experiment to what suits your tastes, its one of the liberties of making your own garments, you can do what -you- want to do. The pattern is a guide, and as you gain in experience and knowledge, you will be able to invent, interchange and mix things up to your own individual style. That said, don't experiment on the good fabric!  Muslin is cheap, and you can usually find some awful looking remnants to play with (and occasionally not awful ones!). I've also seen an outbreak of people using thrift store bed sheets and curtains to hack up in practice.  Above everything else, have FUN! We learn from our mistakes, so embrace them...and make friends with your seam ripper! 

Hi Mary,

You'll love it here at SW! I think everyone's advice is spot on! We're all here for you so just have fun and play, play, play!


I too have sewing in my DNA from my grandmother, mom and sister. I by far, did not excel at sewing but  keep trying and maybe when I reach 10,000 hours I will be proficient! Or so I have read!


Looking forward to seeing your creations!



Thank you ladies for all your wisdom and encouragement! I really appreciate it!


Hi! My name is Alessa and I've been sewing for about a year and a half now. In real life I'm a medical student with another year and a half of studying before me and a boyfriend who keeps my head out of the clouds of natural science and my feet on the ground of arts and humanities. I've been following the Sew Weekly for about a year and the projects are always so inspiring - I love this year's challenge format and the participation! I definitely don't have the time (or space in my wardrobe) to participate every week, but I've been itching to participate at least occasionally for months, so now I'm doing just that. I hope. :)
Welcome Alessa - the best way to do the challenges is to participate when possible and just enjoy everyone else's efforts when you have no time or energy. We'll definitely look forward to seeing what you make.

Hi I'm Beth and i'm a part time occupational therapist and full time mum of my 18month old girl. I've been following the sew weekly for a while now and love the inspiration and the support the community offers each other. I started sewing about 4 years ago when my husband bought a sewing machine to hem his pants (yes! you read the correctly) i've been mainly making aprons for friends as gifts and the odd bit of refashioning. After my little girl was born i started making  her a few things too. This year i've set a goal to give as many homemade/handmade gifts as possible and decided i'm sick of the same old boring in the shops and start making for me! I've just started a sewing/craft group to help keep it up! i'm looking forward to participating in a challenge soon! :)

welcome to sew weekly  Beth.. Cant wait to see all the things you will be making. Judy
Hi Beth.. look forward to to seeing what you do for your challenge.. hope you have lots of fun.. Welcome to sew weekly and happy sewing.judy

Beth, that is a great idea, making all handmade gifts.  Thanks for reminding me.......Lots of ideas but little time.


Hi, Jill here.  Long time lurker on this site for daily inspiration :) 


I've been sewing for years, but always just been kinda so-so at it.  These days I have a little more patience and am trying to hone my skills.  I just want a closet full of self made clothes!  

It feels like there is a huge resurgence in sewing the last couple years, and it's so nice to find a plethora of information online to help.  I have a few friends that are newbies at sewing but are nervous about making garments for themselves, so I started a blog just the other day, called "thesewalongs" to help them move forward.  First up is the Sorbetto, seems like that pattern is on every one's mind right now, I just saw your new challenge!  Can't wait to see what you do with each one!!


Hi Jill. welcome to sew weekly.Hope you have lots of fun.. Happy Sewing.

Hi (: My name is Kate and I grew up watching my mum sew. Every year she made Easter dresses for myself and my two sisters. Her mother made her wedding dress. We're from small town East Texas and sewing was a part of life. As I grew older and my mum's tendonitis got worse, she stopped sewing -- and I forgot how.


I've inherited my grandmother's New Home sewing machine. It's as heavy as the day is long, but I'm aching to use it and make my own clothing. I'm so fond of styles from the WWII era, and I'd love to slowly replace things in my closet with styles I love, made by me. I'm a tall gal, and I have a hard time justifying the price some vintage commands today. I have plans to go to a local sewing shop tomorrow to ask about lessons so I can really get started.


I don't know what else to say! So, there it is. That's my sewing hope.


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