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Hi Nell - Welcome. I too have done some quilting and am now enjoying clothes making. The great thing I have found about The Sew Weekly is that it helps me focus on a project as we get the theme and a week to complete (not that I always complete) but its a lot of fun and my sewing has really improved. Can't wait to see what you create.

Hi Nell.. welcome to sew weekly..  I too..have the thing of looking at fabric and patterns.. SO hard trying to decide what to do  next.. Love it!!

  Hope you enjoy. and I look forward to seeing what you make. Happy sewing.

Howdy y'all.  I started sewing (seriously, at least) about 2 years ago.  Originally, I just wanted to make my own Ren Faire costume, but have branched out into "modern" garments (as in post-Victorian era).  After giving my sister most of my tops from last year as well as a coat, I have a new mission: nail down pattern alterations to get a top that fits ME the way unaltered patterns fit her ... 


My idea of "fun" garments to sew include corsets and coats.


I'm also not very good at introductions LOL

Sounds like a good introduction to me...

 oooh like corsets and coats..They scare me,lol..  Cant wait to see what you make, Happy Sewing.

I guess I forgot something folks should keep in mind about me:

I have more adventure than I do knowledge or skill!  LOL  But the flip side to this is "I don't make mistakes ... I create *learning opportunities* for myself."


Yes, that is actually my personal motto, paraphrased from my only sewing lesson.  My sewing mentor took a look at my first (unwearable) attempt, then at my second attempt I was actually wearing ... and told me I didn't need lessons.  I just needed to go make mistakes since it appeared I learned more from my mistakes than she would be able to think of to tell me.


Getting explicit permission to "Go make mistakes now!" was unbelievably liberating.  The other half of her sewing "lesson" was to instruct me to buy fabric cheap enough that I wouldn't be afraid to make mistakes on it.  So, guess who has a sizable stash of cheap fabrics?  LOL

Well, that would be you and me both with the sizable stash of cheap fabrics. Liberating definitely to have a red hot go at something and not be stressed if it doesn't go to plan. Best advice you could have received.

The final piece of advice to go with this would be what my Mum said about my first garments 'Just keep moving and nobody will notice!'  :))

My Gran would have said 'A blind man on a galloping horse would be pleased to see it.'

(I still say this about my garment sewing, but DH gets cross with me saying I am better than that now.)


PS When you start on your coats or want to try some technical tailoring give me a shout, I've worked in tailors shops and made a couple of men's jackets and will be able to give you some pointers & advice.

Hi, I'm Amy.  I've been teaching myself to sew for about 2 years now and love it when I have the time.  I'm a stay-at-home mom to 3 kids, 2 cats and a puppy.
The same amount of time I have been sewing also.  Fun, sometimes frustrating (pattern alterations for fit, anyone? LOL) and definitely a challenge.
Hi!  My name is Elizabeth and I discovered Sew Weekly just recently.  I love seeing all of the creations!  I live in the suburbs of Houston, and I'm a stay at home mom with two young children, a freshly turned six-year-old and an almost four-year-old. I bought my first sewing machine for my first mother's day, which I guess was five years ago now, but I first began sewing as a child when I would hand sew clothes for my Barbies.  I used to do a lot of sewing for my little girl, but as she's gotten older she's gotten very particular about what she wears so I've started doing more sewing for myself.  I think I'm finally starting to figure out how to fit myself, which makes it all the more rewarding!
Hi Elizabeth - Welcome. It is always exciting when you see how your skills are progressing and you get a better fit. I'm willing to bet that in a couple of years or so, your daughter will be starting to ask Mum to make her clothes again (and then you'll never have any time to make something for yourself). Cheers.

Hi! My name is Claire and I started sewing when I became sick and tired of hunting for vintage dresses that actually fit me and that were less than $300! I had no background in sewing when I started my sewing journey! I have pretty much taught myself how to sew using other people's sewing blogs and youtube. This is my blog Kitten's Closet I always need advice and love snip-its of wisdom.


Happy Sewing!


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