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Here's a space to introduce yourself .

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Ooh, goodie, I am in lincolnshire, Dianes from marguerite designs is in Norfolk and Charlotte P is in Devon....


I am very jealous of the recent sewweekly meet - we should start planning a UK version, great idea x

Yes I think this could be so much fun. Debi is in Scotland too
Oh yes! we should definitely meet up...there were a few other people from England as well....maybe someplace semi-central (i.e. easy for Scottish/N.I to get there and easy for Southern England and Wales??).....I was thinking maybe sometime this summer?  ooohhhh super fun!

Hi! My name is Amanda and I live in Adelaide, South Australia. I seriously can't figure out when I started sewing - except that it was initially limited to twice a year when I visited my parents interstate (I didn't own my own sewing machine!). Since buying my own machine just over a year ago, I've been sewing much more regularly - I love using vintage patterns and fabric, and challenging myself to learn new skills with each pattern I try.


I am recently married (7 months ago!) and my wedding dress was a genuine 1912 lace tea dress - greatest find of my life! I also work full time as an Occupational Therapist with adults who have a disability. I'm really excited to see what other people around the world are sewing, learning and blogging.

Having admired your creations for a while now, it's nice to properly meet you :-) (I'd love to see a pic of the tea dress if possible). Cheers.
Wow, your wedding dress sounds amazing! And what a fulfilling job, I am full of admiration. I can't belive you only got your own sewing machine a year ago - your sewing is amazing x

Hi I'm Nadia,

I'm from Perth, Western Australia studying engineering. I've been sewing on and off since mid 2009 but before then dabbled in all sorts of other creative outlets. Sewing has been the only one that has really stuck. Sewing I have decided is a great occupation for a poor uni student such as myself, since I haven't bought myself new clothes in about a year, which has definately saved me money :D However I seem to be spending that money on fabric instead so maybe it isn't making that much of a difference, but I like to think so. I recently started up a blog, but I'm finding it hard keep updating. Writing is definately not one of my strengths.

I love patterns and brights colours and hoard such fabrics like a magpie :D I've been following Mena's blog and others here for ages now and have always been too shy to comment/introduce myself, so yeah :) :)

Hey Nadia - Glad your bravery has won through and you have introduced your self :-) Cheers
Thanks :D

Hi Nadia,

  So proud you joined the sew weekly.. I have the same problem...hoarding fabric and the much fun...[and when you find it on sale.... helps on the price of your garments.yea...Or at least ,that is how I  make myself feel better for buying so much.ha]

 Happy Sewing.Judy

Glad to see you here Nadia - I agree, my fabric habit is more costly than actually buying clothes ;o)
I live in Seattle and am new to sewing.  I've so enjoyed seeing everyone's creations over the last couple of months. Now that I've completed the bar exam, I'm excited to start joining in myself!  This is such a great idea -- thanks so much, Mena!


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