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Thank you! I really appreciate the welcome message!


I'm Vicki and I'm developing my sewing so that I can make my own wardrobe as I like vintage style and can't find what I like in the shops.

I'm a Mum to the boy who is nearly 18 months, wife to the husband and I work part time too.  Sewing is my creative outlet and stress relief (although it can cause it too!)

I really look forward to meeting you all and maybe finding some brits to chat to.

Vicki x

Welcome to sew weekly.Look forward to seeing what you make..There are some really nice girls on here.  Happy sewing. Judy
Hi Marilyn - Welcome. That definitely sounds like a refashion to me. Pretty clever way to find extra material to make the difference to your garments too. We look forward to seeing how they turn out.

Hi Marilyn.

  Sounds like  a refashion to me... and a  smart solution.. Happy to have you here.. hope you have lots of fun..  Happy Sewing.


My name is Beata, and I am a student from Melbourne, Australia, currently in my 5th year of an Electrical Engineering and Law double degree. My interests include dancing, crafts, reading, and clothes in general! I haven't sewn many things before, but I hope to start sewing more regularly soon! I have just started a blog at Tatulinka's Tales, just in it's early stages but I hope to work on it more when I get back from my holiday (I'm leaving tomorrow to spend just under 2 weeks on Lord Howe Island!). 

It is nice to meet you all!


Hi Beata - Welcome - Wow you sound busy. A holiday to Lord Howe Island sounds wonderfully relaxing though so you'll be ready and raring to go when you return. We look forward to seeing what you sew.


My name is Barbara.

I live in Zagreb, Croatia with my boyfriend. I love being creative in many ways, but what I love the most is sewing. Last year I had to stop sewing for a number of reasons , but now I'm back into it and happy! Since I'm constantly researching something and learning about construction my house is full of UFOs, hehe.

I have a little blog called The Flowery Skirt.

I'm looking forward to beeing part of this great community!

Hello Barbara - Welcome to the Sewing community and welcome back to sewing . This is a good week to be joining if your UFO piles are filling up the house. Looking forward to seeing your completed garments.

Welcome to sew weekly Barbara.  Look forward to seeing what you make.. Happy sewing.



I'm Gretchen Hayman, a full-time housewife and 3/4 time post-bacc student (thankfully with a summer off!) here in lovely Portland, Oregon, USA.  

I've been following the Sew Weekly for about a year now and am always inspired by the wonderful people and creations I see here.  I have had almost no time for sewing the last year, so I'm planning to do some this summer and figure out a process that will allow me to sew even when I'm back in uni in the fall.  I would love to document my attempts on my own blog, too, if only to see the progress I make as a sewist.  

I'm looking forward to using this community as a resource, to learn from the wonderful folks who have gathered here at Mena's place.

Hi Gretchen,

  Welcome to sew weekly..So happy you joined.Hope you enjoy and I look forward to seeing your creations..Happy Sewing. Judy


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