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Welcome Justine - so glad to hear you've rediscovered sewing. Time off from it is not a bad thing and give a renewed enthusiasm - and you certainly sound enthusiastic. We look forward to seeing what you make.

You pay the drycleaner to insert your zips!  Now why didn't I think of that?  Welcome, can't wait to see what you whip up!




My name is Sertyan and I am from Malaysia.  I started sewing clothes for collector dolls while I was still studying in uni. I have a full time job, I am still breastfeeding my a 21 month old daughter.  Despite lack of sleep and sometimes ignoring house chores, I still like to squeeze some time to sew for my little daughter (that means literally watching very little TV!)  I really did learn a lot about sewing from the online community.  You can see all my creations in my blog:

Welcome :-) what beautiful clothes you are making for your daughter. The balloon dress is just lovely - she looks positively adorable. Very glad you've joined us all - can't wait to see what else you make. And the detailed work on your dolls! WOW



My name is Katrina and I am an enthusiastic seamstress, vintage fashion lover, and owner/designer of Edelweiss Patterns, a company specializing in 'Sound of Music' styles.  I have studied historical costume in England and particularly love the eras from 1930-1950 for clothes I can wear today.  You may enjoy reading my blog ( that discusses film costumes, how-to sewing techniques, vintage dresses, and von Trapp family trivia. 


Happy sewing!


Katrina - Edelweiss Patterns

Hi! I'm Leah, though on the internet I mostly go by Ms. Cleaver. I've been blogging at the Ms. Cleaver Chronicles since October 2007 and have been sewing off and on since I was ten or so, and mostly on in the past 5 years.  I tend to sew more in the summer and knit more in the fall and winter and I do some knitting-pattern design on the side.


My day job is in community development finance. I grew up in Northern California, went to undergrad in Oregon, did a two-year stint in professional theatre in Chicago and now live near Portland, Maine with my Mr. Cleaver.

Hi Leah,

Okay Ms. Cleaver, I just visited your blog and you are uber creative! You've made such lovely things. I was just in your fair city last weekend (I had never been to Portland or Maine before). Its a real jewel!

I think you will really enjoy this group, welcome!

Portland's great - I hope you got some sunny days instead of the rain we've been having lately :)

Hi Leah[Mrs.Clever].

  Enjoyed your blog.. Welcome to sew weekly..

Loved your blouse and hat.. I liked the added pop of color..Really helps black and white.ha

Happy sewing. Judy

I'm really glad I did the buttons, I'm normally pretty safe when it comes to buttons, but this needed something more!



I have been sewing kinda regularly since February and am really loving the things I have been making. I gained a lot of confidence after making a top recently. Hoping to take all that positive energy and apply it to a list of projects I have instored for myself.

Can't wait to see what the weekly challenges are going to be. Looking forward to 'meeting' lots of sewists and engaging in some great supportive dialogue.

I recently started a sewing blog at Pincushion Treats. I'll be keeping track of my sewing highs and lows there.

Hey Melizza - Welcome -  We'd love to see your top and all the projects you have in store. The weekly challenges are a great source of ideas and motivation and I have noticed how much my sewing has improved since tackling the challenges. It's all a lot of fun and the ladies here are great. Cheers.


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