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Here's a space to introduce yourself .

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Hi LadyKatza,

The way I see it, cleaning can wait, it'll always be there...blah!

I love what you have shared so far, really beautiful. And seriously hope you wear your dress to work, it's awesome!

So glad you are here!

Hello everyone! I'm Jacky, I live in Manchester (England). Although I've been sewing most of my life, I'm still new to making clothes. When I was a student I used to sew simple skirts and tops for going out, or for fancy dress parties, but didn't really care about 'proper' garment construction. Now I'm a bit older and I'm trying to slow down my sewing and concentrate on things like blind hems, sturdy seams and print matching.
Happy Sewing Jacky...  Glad you joined SW...



I learned how to sew when I was a kid, but just fell out of it and didn't pick it up again until I became an adult. My mother gave me her sewing machine when she moved out of the country, but it was having some major issues and I gave it away before my cross-country move. When I arrived in Ottawa last summer, I bought myself a shiny new Pfaff Hobby 1132. It doesn't have a lot of fancy moves, but neither do I! She's a solid machine. Me and her, we're becoming friends slowly but surely.


I'm glad to find such a lovely sewing community online. I'm a knitter, really, but I am really excited to sew some clothes. I love the idea of making my own clothing, and I'm rather sorry it took me this long to become confident in my own skills to sew without my mom's supervision. ;) I just submitted my first weekly challenge photo for Rule Britannia, a lovely Ceylon dress from Colette Patterns.


Looking forward to getting to know you all,


Hi Gemsy,

So glad you made friends with your sewing machine and joined us in our sewing adventures!

I love the first dress you shared with us, I'm excited to see more!


Hi, I'm Judy and I live in the north-east of Greece, but I'm originally from South Wales. I first started sewing about 30 years ago, but then had a very long break. I started making garments again a year ago and haven't stopped since then. I really enjoy it and it's also my way of coping with the serious ecomomic crisis Greece is going through. This year I've devoted my sewing time to making dresses without realising that floral summer dresses are in fashion this year, but  now I  see that the shops are full of them. Actually it's years since I wore dresses and didn't think I would again, but  cotton dresses are so much more comfortable to wear during our hot summers and make a pleasant change from tops and trousers. I also do some hand and machine-knitting, but not a lot and I've never really got to know my knitting machine as much as I'd like to. ( I think I'm afraid of it!) Maybe next winter (ie. if I can stop sewing).

Our weather is starting to get warm now so I'm off to the coast soon with my husband so that I can get a slight tan to wear with my summer dresses! I think the sea will still be too cold for a swim but a paddle will convince us.

I'm so glad to have found this site and I'm looking forward to getting to know everybody.

                                                                           Bye for now,






So nice you have joined us! I think you will really enjoy the company!

Greece sounds so exotic. I have dreamed of traveling to Greece, sail the Greek islands! Oh to dream!

I think many of us feel the pressures of the global market and what's happening to our countires which effects each of us. It certainly is a different time. I know Greece has been hard, as you remind us, I feel your pain.

Your dresses, blouses and skirt are beautiful, easily could be store bought! I look forward to seeing more of your sewing!


Hi Cathe,

                  Thank you for your welcome and kind words.  I hope you manage to realise your dream and sail the Greek islands one day.


Hi Judy..

  loved your dress..So pretty.. Proud you joined sew weekly.. And hope you have as much fun,as we are having. Happy Sewing.

Thank you, Judy.



My name is Agnes, I live in France, where the clothes are eather costly or ugly/boring/don't fit me. That's why I sew.


I decided to join Sew Weekly to give myself some external deadlines, as the internal don't seem to work :) I have an enormous stash and need to use it (to be able to buy more fabrics - I have no more place to move in my sewing/guest room).


I'm starting tomorrow (monday is a good day) with a scallop hem mini skirt, to go with a lovely pare of shoes I bought a week ago and I have nothing to wear with.


Thak you Mena for this great idea of Sew Weekly! I'll do my best to keep up!

Hi Agnes,

  So proud you joined sew weekly.. Anxious to see what all you make with your stash..I trying to do away with some of mine.It is so much fun.. Happy sewing.


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