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My name is Anshu. I'm a intermediate level seamstress based in SFBay. I love every aspect of sewing. I have just opened a small clothing store on etsy called bloomsnbugs where I sell kids clothes I have made. Glad to find a new community to connect with like-minded people.

I write about my sewing adventures at




Welcome Anshu - we look forward to seeing your efforts. Definitely like-minded people here.


I'm Rebecca from Virginia. I have been sewing for a little less than a year, so I still firmly put myself in the beginner category. I started out sewing aprons, and only aprons, but have since decided to make clothing as well. Aprons will always be my fist love however, and routinely make an appearance fresh off the sewing machine.I mainly sew things from modern patterns, but I have a desire to start sewing more vintage. I have quite a few vintage patterns, but I must first learn the art of resizing before I can do any substantial amounts of sewing from them. I'm quite excited to join this sewing community. I also blog  at Tales of a Wannabe Seamstress.

Hi Rebecca - Welcome. This is a great place for beginners as there are lots of people with a little more experience who have great tips and loads of encouragement. We look forward to seeing all that you make.

I am Leah. I live in Northern Indiana with my husband and two little girls. I have been sewing for about 5 years. Before I had my second daughter, I made all of my daughter's clothing. Now I am struggling to get back to that, but trying. I also sew some for myself. I would really like to learn more about sewing for myself. I feel that self sewing is the greatest treat!

I am looking forward to getting to know the community here. Sew on!!

Hi Leah. Self sewing is indeed a treat and the more you learn the sweeter the treat is. My sewing has improved in leaps and bounds since taking part in the weekly challenges - and I've learnt so much from others with great knowledge and know that you will too. Welcome!

Hi! My name is Rachael and I live in Cincinnati, OH. I have a creative projects blog, rae by day. I like to dabble in all things creative; sewing, knitting, embroidery, photography, painting, etc. Recently I have really been getting into photography and sewing. I just got a Husqvarna for my birthday a few months ago. It works like a dream! My old machine was a Singer and I hated it. It was always getting all messed up. Now that I have a new machine I hope to learn how to make clothes so I can expand my wardrobe. 


I live with my cat and boyfriend. We have been together for almost 6 years!  We are both creative people, he is a motion designer,  so he is really helpful when it comes to inspiration and bouncing ideas around. 


I'm looking forward to learning more about sewing and getting to chat with you all. 

Hi I'm Hillary and a latecomer to Sew Weekly!  I learned to sew when I was little from my grandmother and mother, but as RTW for tall folks like us became more available and affordable, domestic sewing really slowed down for all of us, and I didn't really return to the sewing fold til a year or two ago, but after years of playing around with every artistic/creative media under the sun I feel like I've really come home to what I most love to do- I love to work with my hands, I love working with textiles and vintage patterns, I can sew all day and not understand where the time went; sewing really recharges me.  Up til now my only real "sewing community" has been during Zoe's Me-Made/Self-Stitched months, so looking forward to participating here - I already see several familiar faces!

p.s. nope, I still don't have a blog.  I always mean to start one but fact remains, I'd rather spend that time sewing or reading yours! 

Hillary, you sound like me- I love doing many things and just working with my hands makes me very happy :) Glad that you're here and I'm excited to your projects!


Hello All! My name is Marcelline Venegas, or just plain Marcy. I hail from La Verne, CA and decided to join The Sew Weekly this past week. I found it through a few miscellaneous clicks from BurdaStyle and decided to join as a kind of motivation to get my love for sewing back on track. I have made a few things here and there over the past few years but just haven't felt the urge to jump into a full-fledged project for quite some time. This community has sparked my interest and I hope to get started on a dress pattern that I purchased from the BurdaStyle website this coming week. Thank you and I look forward to interacting with this wonderful community in the future!

Hi all,

I'm Taracat.  I have only been sewing about six months.    That's a lie actually - I took textiles many years ago at high school for all of three weeks until the teacher decided that due to our 'personality clash' ( ??? difficult, she didn't have one) I should drop out.  I started again when I realised that I don't have the patience for knitting.  I love the fact that you can very quickly start to see a three dimensional garment, rather than some scrappy ball of thread metamorphosising into a scrappy piece of dish cloth.  Actually that probably says more about my own knitting skills than knitting as a craft... Anyway, I live on the South Coast of England (UK).  I am married with two beautiful daughters, and also work  full time. Sewing is what I do to unwind when I have finally finished work, spent time with the family, got the girls settled into bed and sorted the house out ( Okay, maybe not sorted the house out - a girl has to prioritise after all... )  I love vintage inspired designs and sew mainly for myself - sometimes it feels like it's the only thing I do that is not for other people.  Or maybe I'm just selfish, but who cares, it keeps me out of trouble :o)

Hey everyone!


My name is Maire, and I've been sewing for...well, on and off for two years.  I find sewing hard to fit into my schedule, but I'm determined to make it work this summer. 

I love a good combination between fashionable and practical, and I'm all about dressing with class.

Button-holes are my nemesis.

I look forward to learning a lot from all of you, and eventually being able to show my own projects.




P.S.  Sorry for the stand-in profile pic.  I'm not the best with a camera, thus explaining my lack of self portraits.


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