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yay joost! you MUST do the challenges. they totally could work for a guy too.
Hi people Im Laura im from Glasgow Scotland, and have been sewing for a few months now doing mostly dressmaking, i love retro inspired clothes and patterns and had a hard time finding what i like so i decided to make my own. So far so good and ive really got the sewing bug. Im spending a fortune getting my stash sorted though lol.
Welcome Laura - we look forward to seeing what you make. And don't worry - building your stash is half the fun!
Hi!  My name is Trish Blair.  I studied fashion design way back in the early 90's in Wellington, New Zealand which is where I am from.  I live in Sydney, Australia now with my husband and our two boys.  I work part time in Sales/Merchandising so I don't have a lot of time to sew.  This is frustrating to me as I would love to follow along with the weekly challanges but I just can't.  I plan to stumble along a week or two behind everyone else!   I love fashion from the 40-70s and have pretty extensive collection of patterns - and fabric stash, mostly sourced from Charity sho-ops (we call them Op (short for Opportunity) Shops).  Op Shopping is my other addiction!  I love the Sew Weekly - it is so great to get to know people who are into Vintage and sewing as much as I am!  Thanks Mena for starting it and being the inspiration.
Trisha, Welcome to the fun and don't worry about completing every challenge just share what you can and enjoy all the fun!
Hi Trish... welcome.. and  We look forward to any challenge you have time to share.. I too love sew weekly and  have the fabric addiction and op shops [or thrift stores ,in my area] just call my name.. Happy Sewing.

Yay, another Kiwi!  (Even if you are in Aussie now.  :-)


Welcome to our group!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Brandy Layton or Bran. I began sewing when I was 22 with my oldest son Deklan. I sewed many things for him as I had a hard time falling in love with the small selection of boys clothes. When I became a single mom, my sewing machine went in the closet. I brought it out very rarely to make things as we went along. I am now a happily married SAHM and I gave birth to my second son Timothy 7 weeks ago. In which I decided that I would bring out all of my sewing supplies and start sewing again. I have been busy sewing and creating. I love old patterns and I love to challenge myself to new things. This time I am making clothes for me too. I have had a blog Bran's Brainiac Designs or BBDesigns where I share free digital scrapbook kits. I have recently created a new blog hosting all of my creative adventures called The many Adventures of Bran.

Heya Bran - Welcome. we look forward to seeing all you make. Lots of cute little boy stuff I hope (and lots for Mum too)


My name is Anshu. I'm a intermediate level seamstress based in SFBay. I love every aspect of sewing. I have just opened a small clothing store on etsy called bloomsnbugs where I sell kids clothes I have made. Glad to find a new community to connect with like-minded people.

I write about my sewing adventures at




Welcome Anshu - we look forward to seeing your efforts. Definitely like-minded people here.


I'm Rebecca from Virginia. I have been sewing for a little less than a year, so I still firmly put myself in the beginner category. I started out sewing aprons, and only aprons, but have since decided to make clothing as well. Aprons will always be my fist love however, and routinely make an appearance fresh off the sewing machine.I mainly sew things from modern patterns, but I have a desire to start sewing more vintage. I have quite a few vintage patterns, but I must first learn the art of resizing before I can do any substantial amounts of sewing from them. I'm quite excited to join this sewing community. I also blog  at Tales of a Wannabe Seamstress.


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