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Hi there!

My name is Mary Collins and I've been sewing for most of my life.  I have two kids who are now teenagers (12 and 14) and I started custom sewing out of my sewing room when they started school so that I could be home at lunch time and when they were sick without so much fuss and bother.  Now that they are in junior high/high school, I'm trying to figure out what the next step is for me.  I love sewing, but having it be my job took the fun out of it for awhile.  Participating in Me-Made-March has brought me back to sewing for myself with a vengeance. 

I write about my projects at3 Loved Ones, 2 Cats and a Birdbrain. I'm really glad that this community is here.  Thanks Mena!



Hi Mary,

   I did the same thing. I have sewed for nearly 30 years..I worked as Respiratory therepist at the hospital for 25 yrs..and asthma took me out of my job. I didnt know what to do with myself, so I started sewing little girl dresses on ebay.Along with sewing for my 4 grandaughters.. I had sewed for my daughter all the while she was in school.. But did very little for myself. I accidently have Mena's challenge.. and I am so thankful that I did.. I had decided I wanted to break away from ebay sewing. and  it gave me the push, to sew for 'ME' for a change. I can't tell you, how much , I have enjoyed these challenges.. such encouragement..

  Hope you enjoy  sewing for you.. and enjoy sew weekly.. Happy Sewing.

You are so right!!!  Three more this week - we expect to see some interesting creations don't we ;-))!!!  
Hi! My name is Heather but I go by Hattie. I live in San Diego and have always loved do it yourself projects and crafts. I only recently started sewing (am teaching myself) and I love it! I have more project ideas than I do time or skills yet but I'll get there, eventually! My short term goal is to continue to get better, learn new techniques and make more stuff as the days, weeks and months progress. My long term goal is making aprons for both gifting and selling.  I, too, have been blog surfing ALOT lately - there is inspiration and amazing projects everywhere! Nice to 'meet you!'

Nice to meet you too!

HI Hattie, so proud you joined us at sew weekly..  I too taught my self to  sew.. and am still learning new stuff after 25-30 yrs.. so much fun.. Happy sewing.
Hi Rene, so proud to have you at Sew weekly.Happy sewing.

Hi Rene,

Don't worry about trying to figure out what you want to be when you grow up -- I'm twice your age and still wondering about that.  Loved the way you describe sewing as changing from 2D to 3D.  From one newbie to another, welcome aboard.





My name is Joost and I've been fixing holes in my jeans for about 15 years now. Recently I decided that I would start making my own clothes and now I'm afraid I'm somewhat addicted.

I live in Brussels, Belgium, Europe and it's somewhat of an impossibility to find people to talk about sewing to here. The fact that I am one of the extremely rare breed of heterosexual men who like sewing only makes matters worse, and thus I am always happy to see that at least online there's other people who share this passion.


I 'd like to motivate more men to get sewing, and I have started a blog where I share my sewing adventures. It has tips, links and patterns and although it's not explicitly stated, I'm somewhat targeting it at men. It lives at

Don't get me wrong, I'm very interested in what girls are sewing too, but I really don't wear that many dresses so it's not something I can use for myself ;)

I have 2 brothers that sew, and the other 3 are capable of it, just don't have the bug. All 5 very much hetero, it's just that mom thought it was a skill everyone should have, like cooking. They all cook/bake, too, some better than others. I'll have to check out your site.

At Stitch and Craft in Olympia, London, this year, 'Mr X Stitch'  was giving a lecture on alternative needlework ...

Hi Joost,


Awesome blog and good for you for sewing. My husband sews too. He is fearless and looks at it as architecture. Maybe you can take our challenges and create a male version! Hope you'll join in the fun!



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