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hello guys and gals! 
i'm christine from texas. i have been sewing for almost 10 years. i started out making costumes in high school and tying to shorten my pants enough to satisfy my deep love of high-waters, and now i am a full time seamstress for a chain of dry cleaners here in san antonio.
it's a little weird to think that's what my job is, seeing as how i don't think most people- myself included, make the dry cleaner/seamstress connection... but it keeps me busy and happy :)
i also do a lot of sewing for myself- i have a very intimidation vintage pattern collection and do a lot of drafting as well. i have a blog called 'adventures in adventuring'  which i *try* to keep updated on current sewing projects and other happenings, but lately it has become unfortunately neglected due to moving...

...and laziness.

anywho, i look forward to joining this lovely community and sharing my projects as soon as i finish unpacking the sewing room! you are all very inspiring! 

Hi! My name is Chie and I just joined The Sew Weekly today!

I currently live in Japan, and have been sewing clothes for the past 3 years. I am also an active member of BurdaStyle, and you can see my past creations here.


I love sewing dresses. My favorite material is cotton and jersey, and I love using fun prints like floral prints, polka dot and some quirky animal prints. I document my creation at my blog, Vivat Veritas,  and also sell some of my creations on etsy.


If any of you live in Japan, I would love to have some swap party or outing to fashion fabric district outing!

Love your dresses!  I just had a look at them on Burda Style - I really like what you do with the cut out details.  :)
Thank you Kat!
I'm long overdue with this - too busy sewing!  I live in Norfolk and work in Cambridge, England.  I deal with copyright issues on a daily basis.  Before this, I worked for many years in a fine art museum, where I managed the Picture Library.  I've always loved art and design.  Previous to all this, I've worked in retail and after leaving school, I did a degree in Manchester in Printed Textile design, hence my love of fabric!  I'm always torn between drawing, painting and making.  Which am I best at?  Anyway, for the moment, I'm enjoying rediscovering sewing and seeing what others do.  All in my spare time!  That's it for now - maybe more later!        
You are very creative all round Diane, and not very far from me, I am about 70 miles north of you in a little village near Boston... Copyright issues? Hope we didn't upset you in imitation week ;0)
My name is Jennifer and I began sewing in Jan of 2009. I love it!! I'll make anything. Lol which is why my WIP pile is stacked sky high already! I love the idea of making my own clothing. I have made myself one top so far which I love and even changed up the pattern a little. I discovered the Sew Weekly some time ago and I love the idea of an entire wardrobe made by myself! The next piece I am working on is a little more complicated since all I have is a picture. But it's made me stretch out a little and I've learned how to draft my own pattern block! I was hoping that some of you more experienced seamstresses would be able to help me out. I've loved looking at all you guys create! It inspires me greatly!



I am Jos from the Netherlands. I love sewing and especially lingerie (that's a real addiction), though I have little at the moment. Another addiction is hoarding fabric, there's enough for at least another 5 years of sewing....


I have my two websites: one about the joy of making your own lingerie (, and one about bag making (  I try to keep my blog updated with my creations and some inspiration.


Hope to find some inspiration here with you all! 

Love your bags Jos!  The colours are good enough to eat!

Hi,  my name is  Rachel  and its sounds like " raquel"..

Im from Brazil and I have been living in England for the last 6 years with my partner Dan. I start sewing on the body of my barbies by the age of 7, unfortunaly life takes you in different directions and I only start to really sew last year.

I wish we had sewing at school, or crafts... it would be very fun.

I describe myself as brainiac fashionista happy creative tall fun foddie professional funky inventive passionate impulsive friendly opinionated ...

As you can see, I also love to talk... I wish I could write as fast as my thought... so in the meanwhile... no blog yet.


nice to meet you all !

Where do you live Rachel?  There are a few of  us  in England on the forum - a couple in Scotland (but no-one I have noticed in Wales or Ireland yet!)


By the way I had sewing at school and it was dire. I hated it. So it must have been taught really badly because I love it now ;0)


Charlotte x

In Rochester kent...    We should all meet up...


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