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Hi Rosemary,,

 OOoooh I so understand your fitting issues.It gets so frustrating, doesnt it?  Look forward to seeing

what you make.. Happy Sewing,

Hi everyone


I'm Vicki (aka Puffling on Burdastyle, aka Another Sewing Scientist on my blog).  I learned to sew quite young, watching my mother on her 1950s Singer Featherweight.  I took Home Ec / sewing in the '80s at secondary school, then joined a local 4H club where I learned sewing, batik and silk screening.  (My final project was a quilted batik jacket, which I gave away many years ago but now wish I had kept!)  In the '90s I was living in a city with an art college, and I took several continuing education classes in design.  Somehow, despite all this training, I ended up getting a graduate degree in biotechology and working in a lab.  I love my job, but need a creative outlet in my spare time, so I started sewing again last year.  

I don't have a lot of free time, but my stash of patterns and fabric is taking over more and more of my sewing space (a crowded corner of the TV/play room).  I'm hoping that as I get more proficient, I can complete my projects more quickly and burn through my stash.  

Ah, who am I fooling.  I can't stop thrift shopping and Etsy-ing (is that a word?  It should be.) for patterns and fabric.

Hope to be able to contribute soon,



Hello!  Welcome to the group!  I've not longed joined too and can say it's such a kind and cheerful group of stitchers, you may not get more time for sewing (like the rest of us we're reading each other's blogs and seeing what everyone else has made!) but you'll get plenty of inspiration and some giggles too!


Mimi x

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!  I honestly don't know if I'll keep up with any of the weekly challenges, but I may contribute several weeks later ;)  I am working on Sewing Through the Decades, plus I am working on a series of african inspired pieces using fabric from SA, so I'll see if anything can cross-over into the Sew Weekly scheme.



Hello all!

My name's Marie, I'm 38 and am from Cardiff the capital city of Wales. I'm a  broadcast journalist and work in radio.

I'm so glad to have found the site today. I used to read Mena's Sew Wrong blog years ago.

I've been sewing since 2000, making jewellery even longer and generally love crafty things. But I've had a bit of a sewing lull for the last five years. I'm afraid I discovered knitting in 2001 and it really took my life over. I even started the first knitting podcast, KnitCast, in 2005.

But even though I've been distracted by other crafts, my sewing machine has always had pride of place in my craft room and I've yearned to get back into the sewing groove. I can't guarantee that I'll be sewing something every week but hopefully it'll be at least once a month.

I have a blog where I post about some of my creative endeavors and mistakes!

Hey Marie - Welcome Welcome. We'll enjoy seeing everything you make. It's a pretty friendly bunch here - very supportive of all endeavours and mistakes. Cheers.

Marie, yay someone else in Wales! Love your blog, I just had a sneak peek and you have a black cat like me. I inherited Mamba (& her name) who looks a bit more like a sheep than a cat bless her. Very apt for wales. Wish I could knit, my nimble fingered mum makes all my crochet motifs for me, somehow my fingers just won't do what they are told when it comes to knitting and crochet.


Disaster, with a pile of cushions to make my trusty Janome died yesterday!!! Panic, luckily a great mate here has lent me her Brother which is quieter than my machine but if it was a car you'd say it had a " Low biting point on the clutch" you out your foot on the pedal, nothing......nothing and then whoosh!!! Scared the pants off me the first time ha ha. Luckily I have  a fab overlocker too so cushion making is continuing.


I'd love a dedicated workshop, right now UI'm taking over the barn we live in, if you open any cupboard it's likely a pile of fabric will launch itself out at you.  jever enough time in the day, never enough money for all the lovely fabrics I find, too many ideas to tackle :D


Would be gt to meet up with someone in South Wales at some point, we can't be the only ones!


I thought that was you!  I too was waylaid by the knitting world.  Love your podcast.

My name is Rachel Proffitt, and I am a stay at home/homeschooling mum :)

Originally I am from England, though I now live in Virginia, in the USA.

I recently decided that trying to find the perfect item of clothing was a lost cause- everything seems to be made in an inferior way (i.e. they fall apart/pill/get holes) or just don't fit right (believe me after having had a caesarian section with my daughter, my tummy doesn't do the bare midrif look).  So I told my Dh that I wanted to make my own clothes.

My Mum taught me to sew when I was a child (I forget when) and I made my own dresses for the VI Form Formals (Prom Night to the Americans ;)).  I have since made things on and off over the years and am liking the look of the 1940s and 1950s right now!

I make things for my daughter, but my son is a little harder in that respect.  Never mind though, there is always knitting for him ;)

I've just seen this and realised that I haven't actually introduced myself, how rude am i?


Anyway, I'm Kirsty and I'm from Stoke-on-Trent in the UK. I've taught myself to sew, and started to make clothes about 3 years ago.  My first item was a costume dress from Simplicity 4940, after spending hours of trawling around the internet trying to find something of decent quality and reasonable price I looked at some patterns since I had some basic sewing knowledge and my mum's old sewing machine and I've not looked back since.  Now I'm constantly looking at things thinking I could make that myself , I feel like I'm living in the fabric shop too :) 


I brought myself a new sewing machine for Christmas and have been making bags as well as the odd clothing item but I was on the hunt to find more things to make when I stumbled across The Sew Weekly a few weeks ago, I thought it was such a great idea and after a few weeks of being a lurker I decided to bite the bullet and actually join up.  I'm so glad I did :)

Hi Kirsty - you will have so much fun here, everyone is very nice and supportive, and there are some lovely ladies in your neck of the woods.  Enjoy!!

Hi Kirsty.. so proud you joined.. Cant wait to see what you make.. Have fun and Happy Sewing.


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