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Hi there!

I'm Marta aka Irene Bullock in the interwebs. I've been surrounded by sewists my whole life (mum, aunts) but only recently I've picked the needle and thread myself. I hate following instructions and I only check how-to videos in youtube *after* I've messed up. Oh well. You can check my adventures on my blog (mostly in Spanish, currently bilingual).

I loved the Sew Weekly last year (so pretty, so fast, so cheap!) but now it's even beter! I've been following Veronica, Debi and Adey for a while, since SSS I think, so imagine my surprise when I saw them joining the SW. PS. Sarah is also great, I love her sense of humour. I'll never be able to sew at the speed of lightning like these ladies but I'm enjoying your weekly challenges and daydreaming what I'd do if I had time to sew *sigh*.



Hey All,


I'm Alyssa, from Michigan, USA and I'm new to this whole online community thing, but I'm not new to sewing.  My mom started teaching me when I was little, but I didn't really get into it until I decided to make my senior prom dress. I have an interesting habit of not being afraid of any pattern, so I get into some really difficult patterns sometimes. It's fun though. Now I'm studying to be a theatrical costume designer, so I get to play with lots of different eras and styles.


I'm Mariana, born and raised in Chile but now living in Nelson, New Zealand.  I'm (for now) a stay at home mum of 2 boys, 4 and almost 2.

Started sewing when expecting my first son,  many nappies and vast quantities of  boy items later I'm sewing for myself. I must say that I've been very inspired by Mena, she always looks so great! I haven't been greatly successful with my items but I'm determined to bite the bullet and get it right.

I don't know how you bloggers do it and find time to do stuff AND write about it. No blogging for me I'm afraid, at least until my youngest goes to kindy, but I'll be showing my goods somewhere here, once that I find the right spot for it.

It's great to have all the inspiration from this site and you talented ladies : ) Salud!

Hello there, South Island neighbour!  :-)  (I'm just across the water from you, in Wellington.)
Hi all!  I just wandered onto this site.  I'm older than most of you I'm sure.  I leaned to sew as a child, but didn't get back to it much until I was in my 30's.  Despite sewing for so long I'm always looking for something new!  I'm a big fan of knit dresses.  Love vintage, especially vintage aprons.
How old is old? I'm no spring chicken myself... happy to be here having fun and sharing something we all enjoy x
Over 5o   :(
I'm heading off in that direction!


 I'm old too. But enjoying these challenges so much.. Even "old folks" love dresses.ha.  I have sewed for 25 yrs,but I just now got into the vintage patterns.I love them...[just having a hard time ,fitting them correctly]. I love all the vintage fabrics.and I love seeing what all these girls are coming up with. so fun to see there newest creations.

  Enjoy and welcome. Judy



My name is Nikki, and I hail from the PNW! About 20 min. north of Seattle and 2 or so hours south of Vancouver B.C. . I've been surrounded by sewing since I was young, but never really got attached to it until the end of HS, where I decided I'd study at the AIS for Fashion Design. I dropped out of there a year or so into the program, and now stay at home creating and or home making, lovingly supported by my Husband.


I'm a little of a procrastinator, so hopefully keeping up with the sewing circle group will keep me in check. I prefer vintage patterns over current. I also own a Juki industrial straight stitch, a new/vintage Morse fotomatic III, a basic singer, and a Rex serger. I hope to gain a wonderful, winning wardrobe with help from the group :)

Hello everyone.

I'm Charlotte, I live in Devon in the UK with my amazing man and four boys! I run a childminding service so my time is limited, but being so inspired by everyone else really spurs me on. Although there are so many blogs and sites to look at I could just stay looking at a screen and never get time to sew!

I have been sewing all my life, but I'm new to dressmaking. I found Sew Weekly when looking for dresses for my 1940s style pic nic wedding last year. After finding some amazing dresses I thought surely I could mamage that seeing eveyone back then made their own clothes.

So here I am, only having made 1 dress so far, but nearly finished the second. Feeling more confidant too, ready to take on some more vintage/ taylored styles.

Hello Charlotte, glad to see another Charlotte and another person from the UK (margueritedesigns is from Norfolk I think, I'm in Lincolnshire, there are a couple in Scotland too!). Your picnic wedding sounds fab - I'd love to see photos.... I'm amazed you have time for anything with 4 boys though....


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