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Thanks Liz, I will visit  again..  Have a great day..

My name is Jane Winkler, and I live in New Mexico with my husband and our 10-year-old daughter. I've been a quitmaker for 15+ years and have just started to get into garment sewing.

I'm trying to balance my desire to have a mostly me-made wardrobe with my need to have a (relatively) no-stress creative outlet.

Hope to have a blog up within the first 2 weeks of August. A BIG  thank you to all of the bloggers and sewists out there who are so generous in sharing their talents and tutorials.

Hi Jane, so nice to meet you. Hope you enjoy sew weekly.It is so fun.. Happy sewing.

Hello my name is Carla I am from Peru, South America, but I have been living in Miami, FL the past 27 years.  I love creating things.  Sometimes I crochet, I knit and sometimes I sew.  Sewing is the least because I do not know much. I self taught the little that I know.  I have 3 teenagers ready to go to college and see that finally I have "time" to my self to create what I haven't done in the past 20 years!  By accident I found this website and fell in love with it and the idea of the challenges.  I have been following the challenges for quite sometime now.  And buying all the patterns I can from all the contributors.  I wish I could be a the same level of creativity of all of them!!! Thank you

Hi Carla, welcome  to Sew weekly.. Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoy it. I love sewing ... I have 2 grown children and 5 grandkds. Love sewing for them.. childrens clothes are so much cutier.ha Happy sewing and knitting.

Hello, I'm Sarah from the UK.  I live in London with my husband, 3 kids, dog and two chickens.  

I have been sewing now for around 5 years when I got sick of going into changing rooms and finding nothing fit me. I am plus size, tall, apple shaped with no bum or hips so a terrible combination for finding off the peg clothes.  Then in 2005 my son was born and he has Achondroplasia ( he is a little person - dwarf) so my sewing skills were in need once more.

 I found this site and dribbled my way through many of the past challenges/blog posts so I just had to join.  There is just so much talent here, I hope I can pick up some tips along the way and improve my sewing skills. Currently I am plucking up the courage to try Full bust alterations and wide back alterations so that I can make some of the vintage style patterns that I have recently purchased. TTFN.x


I found this site while wandering around on Pintrest and the idea of a weekly sewing challenge was exciting.  I have enjoyed several weeks of seeing what others have done and am ready to get started myself.  I look forward to finding where I can see the weekly challenge and then participating in finishing a garment.


Hi, I'm Eliza M from Manchester,UK

I love sewing for myself and my little girl Ruby who is 4 and extremely cute. I sew to relax, I sew for fun and I sew to express myself. I was fed up with the same mass produced clothes and that was what started my love affair with the sewing machine and fabric! I have only been sewing for little over a year and I am amazed nobody told me how fantastic it feels to create your own clothes and style before I started to sew.

I have designed my own vintage style pattern range called eliza M Vintage Sewing, it is early days and the styles are all vintage inspired and easy to sew in the main, if I can anybody can!

I am so looking forward to meeting more like minded women who feel the same as I do about sewing, creating and wearing vintage style. Eliza x

Hello everybody,

my name is Hanne. I live in Antwerp, Belgium. Last June, I graduated with a master in fine arts/costume design and I'm now trying to make that work. Meanwhile I'm getting a teacher-license.

I fell in love with sewing at the age of 15 and have been sewing since. Lately I'm making a lot of things for myself and family.

I'm always inspired by everything people here at the sew weekly come up with, so I hope this will motivate me to put down the laptop and turn on the sewing machine!

Hi! I'm Tammy and I am so happy to be here. :) I am a SAHM with three great kids (12, 10, 6) that I home school here in SW Florida. I have always wanted to sew since I was little and would watch my grandmother sew. When I got old enough to learn, my grandmother had parkinsons and wasn't sewing any longer.
I am pretty much self-taught (love all of you that post tutorials!!) and strongly desire to learn the craft well enough to be proud of what I make and to pass the skill on to my daughter. I have a bad habit of losing patience with a project and also of too much experimenting. I joined this group to push myself to sew more regularly and be in a community where I can get some help when needed. :)

Hi Everyone!  My name is Judy and I am so happy to have found a community of garment makers!  I learned to sew at a very young age (4 or 5) when my mom got tired of me asking her to make doll clothes.  She showed me how to lay the doll with its head over the fold of a piece of cloth, cut out a dress shape, thread a needle and put it together.  They were ugly little doll dresses, but I was thrilled to have made them myself!  I learned to sew on a machine at about age 7 and started making my own clothes about a year after that.  I've always been tall so the skill came in handy.  I haven't been sewing much in the last several years other than to make repairs (grad school and life) and have been missing it.  I'm just now getting back into it and need inspiration (more like a kick in the behind) to work on projects every week.  I look forward to having people to talk to!  :-)

Hello everyone! I'm Shannon and I'm from Indiana.  After years of dreaming I finally bought a sewing machine about a year ago with the intent of sewing all my own handbags.  That quickly turned into sewing my own clothes.  I'm hooked and I only wish I would of started sewing ages ago.  I love sharing all of my makes on my blog and I love to see others creations.  It's very inspiring to me.  I'm so happy to join you all and I can't wait to get to know everyone!


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