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Hi Kate,


You'll love this group, super supportive, creative and fun! Glad you jumped in!



Hi Kate,

  I look forward to seeing what you make.. Know it will be pretty.. and hope you have lots of fun sewing.I too, dont have friends that sew..[wish I did]. But I am enjoying sew weekly so much. and these girls are so nice and they have taught me so  many new things.. and I love seeing all their ideas..

   Sew something for 'YOU' .. I just started doing that,after years of sewing for my kids.. It is so much fun..

  Hope you and your mom...have lots of fun sewing during her Easter visit..

hello Kate, if you are like the rest of us you will soon have a huge stash of patterns ..... how are you getting on????

Hi, I'm Laurel, and I live in Provo, Utah. I've been sewing since childhood, mostly taught by mom, to begin with, and the required sewing course in Jr High. Didn't take any courses in High School, but then went on to earn my BS in Clothing & Textiles. Believe me, I use that knowlege all the time!

I'm a single mom, working full time as an accounting specialist with a CPA firm. Right now is our busiest time of year, and the long hours get me down if I don't balance my time by doing something creative when I get home, even if it's midnight.

When I first came across The Sew Weekly, I thought, "nice idea - but where would I find the time?" and also mumbled something to myself along the lines of "quality vs quantity - that's my moto", while the realization dawned on me that I hadn't sewn more than half-dozen items in the previous year, and wondering how that had happened, becaue I used to sew all the time. Enter MMMar'11, and too few items to get me through the month without repeating outfits, and I started to dig out my UFOs.

I don't expect I'll keep up with every challenge, but who knows?

I love the look of vintage, but my height and size mean I usually have to grade the patterns - which isn't the fun part of sewing for me. I have a huge stash, both patterns and fabrics, with no hope of ever working through it all, and that's fine with me. My sewing room is in no way large enough, but my guess is, moving to a bigger room would only mean I would buy more stuff. Not that that's a bad thing...

I think you find lots of like minds here! Glad you joined us!

Hi Laurel..

  me too...lots of fabric and patterns. and love every bit of it.. and continue searching fabric stores, yard sales,flea markets..and sign of this stuff.ha

  so proud you joined us.. and If you have time for every challenge or a challenge every now and then...we will love seeing them ,when you can.. Happy Sewing.

  I HATE, HATE... grading patterns too.yuk,yuk..working on one right now..ooooooooooooooh.ha

Hello Laurel, I didn't think I'd have the time either but it's very addictive, and having a deadline means you sew on where you previously might have stopped....


Happy to meet you! Looking forward to your projects....

Hi fellow stitchers,

It's so nice to find a group of happy people doing what I like to do!  My name's Kathy and I'm from Wisconsin.  I've been sewing since that elastic skirt in 8th grade home economics in 1973.  Will you welcome an oldster to your group?  I'm so impressed that there are so many young people who still love to sew and from all over the world, too!  I went to school for interior design and have done a lot of sewing for interiors, but I'm mostly interested in clothes.  After working in a couple of fabric stores in my time, I've got a load of patterns and fabrics.  I also have a weakness for collecting vintage fabrics and patterns and particularly love anything form 1967-1974 right now.  Anyway, my dream is to get sewing full time and sell one of a kind clothing in my Etsy shop.  Standing in the way of that is my current post as school board president in my town which is taking up all my time.  All of it.  BUT, my current term ends in one year and after 12 years, I am not running for re-election just so I can sew, sew, sew.  YAY! 


I have four kids - three boys and a girl.  The oldest is 26 and lives in China right now.  The next two are at school out of state and the "baby" just turned 16 and lives at home.  My husband is a 6th grade teacher - yes, surrounded by education stuff.  If you'd like to see some of my vintage fabric check out my Flickr account and to see some of my creative stuff check out my blog.


Mena, I'm just learning about Sew Weekly.  What a great idea.  I have to comment that the dress you're wearing in your profile pic looks like one I made for Homecoming back in 1976!  I think you need the daisy choker. Ha ha.


I'm so inspired by this site and looking forward to getting to know everyone better!

Hello Kathy - you will find people of all ages here, so welcome! (I'm no spring chicken myself - I just love it here because everyone is supportive no matter what your age or stitching ability - me: old and a bit rubbish at sewing, so it's just as well everyone is nice, tee hee)


Like the daisy choker - looking forward to seeing what else you make!

Hi Kathy,

I'm practically your neighbor, just over the border in Minneapolis! I believe I had Home Ec around the same oldster you are not!

Welcome and enjoy the fun!


Hi Kathy,

   Welcome.. I'm an 'oldster too'....

   so proud your here. It is so much fun.And the weekly challenges is so wonderful.. As Charolette said, it is addicting..You do one challenge[or you skip one] and you anxiously await the word of the next one..ha

   The choker brought back so many memories of the 70"s... I remember having a black one with a fake cameo in the husband [boyfriend at the time], hung it on his rear view mirror.haha

   Look forward to seeing what ever you have time to make.. I am going to go to your sight when I get a chance and look at your fabric..Love to do that.. [I would love to have worked in a fabric store..I can tell you......... I would never have gotten a paycheck..would have spent it all ...on fabric.ha]

  Happy Sewing.Judy


Hi my name is Rosemary Cousins and I am in the East Riding of Yorkshire, UK.  I've been following Sew Weekly for about a year now, since a friend gave me the link and am in awe at the productivity that is generated here.  Personally I am a trained embroideress and did an HND in Fashion, Design & Technology before working on Savile Row for just over a year  in the early '90's.  Since then (with the help(?)of my DH's job moves I have worked at a couple of tailor's shops up the country and am now a stay-at-home-mum to a nearly 9 yr old, who does clothing alterations.  I haven't made much for myself recently as I cannot decide what style suits a short pyramid (size 16 across the shldrs, size 18 bust, size 18(ish) waist, moving swiftly out to a size 20 abdomen and hips all compacted into a bare 5' of altitude.  And being a Stay-at-home mum I've slumped into the jeans & t-shirt mentality; although I did make a bunch of blouses a couple of years ago and slung the t-shirts out I really need to get making again.  I'm currently working on Rooibos - having bought it because I saw it here, liked it and thought it would work on me.  The skirt fits (although it needs to be longer at the CF), but the bodice is too long and wide on the shldrs, so I am fighting the fitting issues here-sigh, and mouse coloured cordory sure shows up fitting issues!


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