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Welcome to sew weekly Shelley..  Hope you have as much fun, as I have.. Happy sewing.

Welcome Kim.. Hope you have lots of fun on SW.. Happy sewing.

Hi everyone,


My name is Ndidi and I'm new to all of this! The fashions, the sewing.  I literally took up sewing a month ago when I went to an intensive 'learn how to sew' sewing class and since then I've made two really cook outfits for my 17month old daughter and I'm on a roll :) I noticed this is an American website, I'm from the UK myself and I wish we had a community hub such as this that you guys seem to have accross the atlantic. 

As well as wanting to participate in these activities in order to up my skills, I do have another agenda: I want to open a small business selling children't clothes and wanted to know if anyone can recommend efficient and trustworthy sewing contractors...?


Thank you all for reading - I look forward to your responses.

Hi Ndidi,

  Welcome to sew weekly.. Hope you have a great time sewing.. I have enjoyed and learned

so many new things here, and  have made lots of friends.. Happy sewing.

Hi Im Chrissy I am 26 and a young mom to a handsome little 5 yr old name James,  we currently live in Ohio. I literally just signed up for sew weekly minutes ago after reading a review somewhere on a blog. I am always a member of I am extremely new to sewing. I've owned a sewing machine for about a year but have not really  played around with it to much. I've only sewed to items before and thats a pair of bloomer shorts and a overnight cotton bag. I want to learn more about sewing but can not find the right resources or supportive community to help me with my new found love for sewing as a hobby I would like to make garments some day but I am no where near that goal lol. I am looking forward to talking and getting to know all of you  and hopefully I'll learn alot.

Hi!  My name is Nicole and  I live in Mountain View, CA (the very heart of Silicon Valley) where I am a part-time faculty member at a local community college (I teach biology and biotechnology), and a part-time stay-at-home mom to two boys, ages (almost) 7 and (almost) 2.  It kills me to see beautiful clothing at places like Boden, which are so simple to make (and so expensive to buy!) yet I haven't made the leap to only wearing me-made clothing, mostly because I just don't have time.  I've been making my own patterns lately and it's been fun to work out the construction of more complicated pieces.  I document my projects at my website,  

Hi Nicole, welcome to sew weekly..Look forward to seeing your sewing items.. Hope you enjoy SW , as much as I have.. Happy sewing.


I'm Meraj, a 20-year-old studying and working in Toronto, Ontario (in Canada). I started to sew clothes as a preteen, but it's only in the last year and especially the last few months that my sewing has really picked up -- probably because I finally discovered sewing blogs this spring! That's partly why I joined the Sew Weekly; it seems like a good way to get inspiration as well as meet other people who sew.

Hello, My name is Heidi and I'm a Canadian mommy who loves to sew for her children, Anja (1 1/2) and Tobias (4).  I've been sewing most of my life, having learned at a young age from my mom.  I love learning new techniques, but always seem drawn to vintage & classic looking garments.  Prior to being a stay-at-home mom, I was a music teacher at a Christian school, and loved my career, but right now I'm loving the time I'm spending with my children.  

I'm always working on a project of some sort, and my husband suggested I blog about them, so not to long ago, that's exactly what I did  ( .  Then I discovered contests, link parties, and communities like this one!  

My personal goal is to no longer buy any clothes for my children that I am capable of making (unless I can buy them for less $ than I can make them).  So right now I'm knee-deep in shorts & sundresses for summer, but that's how I roll!  :)

Hey folks! I guess I will meet and greet you? I joined this site in January and then promptly moved house/nation, started a new job, abandoned the internet temporarily, and am only just making it back now! My name's Leni, I live in Boston, I used to live in Canada, I sew things in my bedroom, and I am excited to follow along with the weekly themes/you guys!

Hi! My name is Yen, and my mom is seamstress, so I've been sewing since I could hold a needle. I hadn't used my sewing machine for anything other than mending for several months when a friend expressed an interest in learning how to sew recently. Since then, I've dusted off my machine and have been sewing every night after I put my two sons to bed. I've been working on a pretty elaborate costume for an event at the end of August, so I haven't had time for any other projects, but I'd love to join one of the challenges here soon. I'm also very new to the world of blogging, but I just started a blog to record the progress on my projects. I'm also loving discovering all the great blogs by all the talented people here, and I'm excited about joining this sewing community!

Hi, my name is Betsy and I have been sewing since I was 10 or 11. I am now 56. I used to make everything but slowed down to work and raise kids. I have a daughter and nieces who are now interested in sewing  I have been thinking about teaching.

Both my grandmothers sewed clothes and crafts. Hand and machine so I just sewed Barbie clothes while I was with them or little stuffies. They kept me busy. We had to take HomeEc. My first project was the one yard apron, it's a great leaning too.  By the end of the year I made a shirtwaist dress. . Of course nobody wants that, they want to know how to fit their short back or big bust or ...

So, does anyone have any teaching ideas for adult learners?

I live in St. Petersburg, FL. I like all kind of fiber arts


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