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Hi there! My name is Shannon. I'm a busy mom of 6. I've been sewing semi-consistently since around 2008. I've mostly sewn pieces for myself, but recently ventured into sewing for my family as well (a whole new dynamic, but lots of fun!).  I love texture, fashion sketching, and vintage fabric. I have a love hate relationship with patterns (not fond of the cut out and adjustments), so I've been trying my hand at drafting and draping for about a year now. I'm always looking for the shortest distance between points A and B because finding the time to sew is always an interesting challenge around our house. I joined Sew Weekly for the community and for the challenge. Nice to meet ya!

My name is Relynn Johnson and I live in Port Tobacco, Maryland. I am relatively new at sewing, even though I have been trying to learn since I was about 5 years old. lol In October of 2010 I had my first successful garment with a moderately altered New Look 6643. I made the dress, in a hurry even, to wear to a costume party and I went as Joan from Mad Men. It was a super simple project, but the fact it fit me better than anything I've ever owned in my life was enough to motivate me to really stick with sewing this time around. I have been busy making clothes ever since. So much so that I've recently started doing commissions because other people have taken notice of my impeccably fitted handmade wardrobe (that is still in progress). I now have a small number of clients scheduled for this year.

I am a stay at home mom most of the time, a substitute school nurse (I fill in for school nurses that need a day off in my county) and a grad student persuing my master's in nursing education. I've been married for 7 years, we have 2 daughters who are in elementary school, and we have a love bug of a cat that I've had longer than I've had my husband (he's 15 years old). The husband and the cat mutually hate and antagonize each other. It's rather comical. Needless to say, my life has never a dull moment.

I'm really looking forward to participating in some challenges here. I've been stalking Sew Weekly for a while now and completely drooling over the Make It Yourself feature.

Hello everyone. I am very new to sewing but am having fun already. I live in a small town in KY. I am married to my hubby of 15 years and have three wonderful kids (6, 12, 15). I can't wait to get some inspiration and tips.

Hello -  On August 31 I started a blog, Goodbye Valentino dedicated to my year of abstaining from RTW and making my clothes. I'm loving it......!

Over the past several years I had spent too much money on clothes and decided to put my sewing skills to work. It had been a while since I had actually sewn for myself and my sewing skills are average at best, but there are so many simply constructed RTW as well as sewing patterns, that sewing has been enjoyable rather than challenging.

I've brought new colors into my wardrobe and found that when we dedicate ourselves to something in particular, results happen!

Hi!  I'm Shams and I have a sewing blog: 

I have two teenaged daughters, ages 19 and 17 (in a couple of weeks), but I rarely sew for them.   I work from home as a tech writer, so I don't have many wardrobing needs for work.  I live in San Francisco and sew what I like.  My favorite pattern companies are Style Arc (for their excellent fit), Au Bonheur des Petites Mains (for their funkitude) and Vogue (esp for Marcy Tilton and Sandra Betzina patterns), and I also use McCalls, Butterick, and Burda, from time to time.

I have to alter the heck out of patterns because of my shape, esp my large bust.  The FBA is a constant fixture in my life . :)

I love to sew and am happy to have found this community!


I'm Leimomi, a seamstress and textile historian known on the internet as 'The Dreamstress' (I was a teenager a decade+ ago when I bought the domain name, and now I'm stuck with it, for better or worse ;-) ) 

I'm mainly a historical seamstress: I recreate period garments in varying degrees of period correctness (ranging from completely handsewn 18th century items to significantly less accurate stage costumes) for museums, film and theatre, and private clients.  

Lately I've felt I should sew a bit for myself - it's rather embarrassing to be a professional seamstress who always wears bought clothes.  Sew Weekly has been a great incentive to add to my own wardrobe.  I love the inspiration of the challenges, and the incentive to get something done on a schedule.  I doubt I'll make every week as I don't need 52 new garments for me this year, but I'll try to do as many as I can, and everything I make will have at least some historical inspiration, and use a lot of period techniques.  'Cause that's what I do :-)

Hey, I'm Mina and I've been sewing since August 2011. My mom has been sewing for 30 years so I have a great teacher to help me out. I love sewing dresses and have found that I'm creating a wardrobe of vintage inspired dresses of the 1940's and 1950's, although I'm going to try out a couple 1930's dresses and see how I like them.

I love the energy of this site and the endless creativity that is flowing out from all the people here! I'm from B.C,Canada and I'm 29, in my 2nd year of an Anthropology degree so when I'm, not in school I'm sewing or on or Ebay buying up all the lovely vintage patterns I can afford. 

This year I took the Seamless Pledge and so far have stuck to it! Sewing my own clothes is definitely allowing me to see my body in a more positive light and I just love make dresses from colourful, insane prints!

Hi Mina,

   I checked out your blog, you have made some pretty dresses.. and I love your pattern stash.. so fun.Happy sewing.

Oh thanks! I've made more but I haven't been able to post any pics b/c I gave my camera to my mom for her vaca. I've done the first two challenges. . .those pics will go up in Feb I guess!  I'd like to devote more time to my blog, but of course school comes first! 

You are welcome.. Will look forward to the pictures ,when you do get to post. I hate pictures of me........yuk.. but SW forced me to do You are so first..most important thing.. Happy sewing.

Hello, My name is Margaret.  I am starting this a little late because I just got back from China (!) helping my parents move.  By day (and early early morning) I work in a bakery, but by night I am constantly sewing or dreaming up new things to sew.  While mostly I sew dresses and skirts for formal occasions as well as Art Deco Society events, I would love to sew more things for me to wear on a day to day basis to integrate into my jeans and t-shirt sense of style.  I live in the South Bay of California with my amazing crafty roommate and our giraffe-dog Charlie.  I look forward to coming into my own as a sewist (seamstress?) as well as seeing everyone else's hard work pay of beautifully!

Welcome, Margaret! This sounds all very interesting . I look forward to seeing your creations. And WTH is a giraffe-dog? I even googled it in case it's some weird new dog breed I don't know about... ;)


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