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HI Elena,

   Welcome to sew weekly..  Look forward to seeing what you make 2012..  I agree the internet sure

has opened up the world of sewing. I love it.Happy sewing.

Hi, I'm a year late in finding you, but got here at last!

I'm trying to commit myself to spending some time sewing special garments this year as a counter balance to too much work. So far my skills are limited, but I have just signed up for Gerties Bombshell dress tutorial as a starting point to honing skills and then I discovered this place and wow... what inspiration.

Hi all, I'm in Berkeley, California and am also a bit late to the party. I've been doing professional theatrical costumes and really want to start rediscovering couture details as opposed to speedy mass-production. Like the previous poster, I'm signed up for Gertie's Bombshell Dress class.

Hello all! I've been reading The Sew Weekly for nearly a year and I just love it!

I started sewing when my mother had a woman come to our house to teach her to sew. I was hooked instantly and soon began cutting up everything in sight to sew little clothes for my dolls. She didn't like that, let me tell you! I stopped sewing in teens but soon picked it up again when I needed to sew my prom dress. After that, I began sewing all my Halloween costumes cause I hate the fabric they make store costumes out of. I feel like a walking wick! Then about 4 years ago, I discovered the wonderful world of sewing patterns and bought myself a sewing machine. There was no going back after that! Ever since then I've been sewing a good portion of own clothes. I always tell people most women have a closet full of shoes...I have a closet full of fabric and patterns! 

I hope to join The Sew Weekly Sewing Circle this year to motivate me to sew more regularly so can finally have the closet full of handmade clothes made by me!

Hi I'm Becci from South Australia. I've recently joined Sew Weekly, but I've been reading along for a while. I'm hoping to get more sewing completed in 2012. I've been sewing for 20 years (OMG that makes me sound old) and love it but find life often gets in the way. I'm looking forward to joining some challenges next year to keep me motivated. And like some of the recent posters I've joined Gertie's Bombshell Dress Class.

Thanks, Mena!  I found you through a reference in "Threads", and as a sewing blog addict, I immediately fell in love with your community.  I've been sewing forever, but am trying to rebuild my skills after going blind in 1999.  Vision is back, but wonky, and so I have to use all kinds of tricks to keep me on track.  My resolution for 2012 is to sew with a purpose, so tapping into the Sew Weekly circle will ramp up my enthusiasm for sure!

Congratulations on your anniversary--I look forward to the discussions and challenges!

Hi!  Mountain Thyme here.  From Evergreen, Colorado.  I love to sew.  Until recently, I would say that I was a beginning or intermediate sewer with more failures than successes.  Now, I think I am getting better.

Actually, sewing and trying to garden at 8,200 feet are my favorite things to do.  Well, I also love knitting, walking, sewing, talking with friends, travel, sewing, reading, writing, sewing, photography, and sewing.  Did I mention sewing?  I sewed a lot when my kids were young and then they and a career took over my time and I moved around a lot and finally got back to the things I love to do just within the last couple of years.

As I said, I am not great at it and perhaps by joining this group I can get some ideas and solve some problems and get more creative with designs and fabrics.  Right now, I am looking for fabric with musical notes or a music score imprinted in order to make my daughter a table runner for the dining room which is also the room where she has her piano.  Ideas?

Ahoi hoi!

I have recently gotten back into the whole sewing thing after time off again. It seems every six months or so I attempt to make an A-line skirt and then, with that cobbled together, forget about sewing for another half year. I am super excited to find this site and am super impressed by all the ideas, tips and community that is here :D In 2012 I want to start developing my own sense of style and achieve that through sewing most of my own wardrobe.

Anyhoo, happy sewing everyone and I shall see if I can keep up on my own unofficial weekly sew that I tally in my head :D

Hi there,

I'm Ruthanne from Ottawa, Ontario (yay Canada!). I have been following Sew Weekly for most of the last year, but haven't come in and checked out the groups and forums until now. Like a great many people, I have great intentions, but don't get near as much sewing done as I want to. I guess I'm quite an external deadline sort of gal. I have had my sewing machine for about a year and a half and have been doing the self-taught thing so far. My entire reason for learning how to sew is to make vintage style clothes. I love, love, love 30s - 50s styles, but I am pretty hard on my stuff, so wearing actual vintage kind of gives me the willies. Worked in museums too long to not stress about ruining things that are truly OOAK. Sewing my own is the perfect solution, I get exactly what I want in style, fit, fabric etc. with no worry about wearing things out. I have started a small vintage pattern collection and I have plans (and all the materials) for a bunch of projects. So, I figure committing to do the sew weekly challenges will give me the kick in the pants I need to get sewing!

Hi everyone!  My name is Brandy and I live in Nashville, though I originally hail from the swampy backwoods of South Louisiana.   I got my sewing start at the age of 15 in a modest little high school sewing class and occasionally sewed projects as a novice over the next decade.  About a year and a half ago I started devoting more attention to my hobby and sewing is now a huge part of my life.

I dream about sewing, do little happy dances when I find out about fabric stores, and drool over beautiful dresses on sewing blogs.  When I'm not doing these things, I'm hanging out with my hubby and our pet kitty, reading lots and lots of books, and sometimes wearing my other hat, which belongs to a librarian. 

Hello everyone,

I am Djamila from Berlin, Germany. I have been following Sew Weekly for a few months - found the site when I decided to motivate myself for sewing by finding a nice sewing community online. I have been sewing since I have been 15 and I used to make all my clothes myself. I even took pattern drafting classes and started to design my own patterns. In 2008 I had a son and ever since then it started to get hard for me to juggle my job (I am a freelance translator), my family, sewing and sleeping. For the last few years, I have translated more sewing pattern instructions than actually sewing myself. My selfmade pants fell apart one after another. Last spring I had to say good bye to my last (favorite) pair and I had no time to make new ones for myself. Buying pants is no option when one's hips are 2-3 sizes bigger than the I wore nothing but sweat pants for a few months (easy when you work in a home office). Around July last year - my son's 3rd birthday - I got finally fed up with the situation and I swore that I will sew more  so that I can finally have a unique wardrobe again like I used to have when I was a college student. No more sandbox clothes for me!I have a pretty good set of pants again but that's just the beginning...

I have had trouble signing up to wordpress (still get error messages at times) so I haven't completed the first challenge yet but I hope I'll finally get arounf to it tonight.

I look really forward to being part of this community.

Hi and Happy New Year everyone. I'm Ruth from Seattle and new to this community. I'm ready to start sewing for myself again after years of sewing gifts. I've put it off thinking I'll get to it when I'm the perfect size. Well...time has come to sew for the size I am and all of you here in this community are especially inspiring. I'm hoping to have some clothes with some style in my closet by years end. I'm looking forward to seeing all your projects. Ruth prohaska :)


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