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Welcome Cathe - lol I find I have to leave my computer turned off of an evening otherwise I never get any sewing done. I spend too much time catching up on what everyone else has been making.
Yes I can see stepping away from the computer might be a good idea if I actually want to get something done, but I admit it's fun just chatting too!


I'm a bit of a Sew Weekly lurker (I wish that didn't sound so scary!) I have been reading the blog avidly for ages, and am in awe of all the beautiful creations.

I live in London United Kingdom and I love to sew, but stick to skirts - I have made only two tops - both t-shirts in stretch jersey so I didn't need to worry about fitting / adjustments. I have quite a few dress patterns - but all will require a fairly large FBA and frankly I am terrified of starting! I've looked for local sewing classes just to get a bit of confidence but can't find any that will fit round my work commitments.

So far I have been mostly self taught - and I love making my own skirts, but would love to have the courage to make complete outfits.


Welcome Vic - I understand what you mean about finding a good sewing class for the confidence building (and the bit about finding time around work committments too). Still, you'll get plenty of encouragement here and loads of great advice.
I notice I am too, that is, spending a lot of time visiting sew weekly. It certainly is fun!

Hello everyone,

My name is Sanne. I'm 23 and live in the Netherlands. I have been sort-of sewing for about 5 years, but only recently have I really picked it up again. I hope to find a lot of inspiration here, but I don't think that will be a problem. If you want to, you can read about what I sew and knit here.

Hi Sanne,

  so proud to have you at sew weekly. We look forward to seeing all your creations.. Happy Sewing,


Hi there


I'm Kerry and I live in Scotland. I've been sewing for just over a year and am also a keen knitter. I love vintage patterns but am still finding my way in sewing. I'm very happy to be part of the sewing community online, which must be one of the most friendly and supportive online communities you can find, not to mention inspirational. I also blog here 



Hi Kerry! Great to see you here!  You should check out our plans for the UK meet-up.  The thread is here:


Hi everyone! My name is Mary and I live in Music City, USA. That's Nashville, TN for those that live outside the U.S.

I have been sewing since I was 11, pillows and such. When I was a young teenager, my siblings and I started roller skating.  Afternoon skating sessions turned into a passion for us and we became competitive skaters. The competitions were held locally against kids at other roller rinks, but that meant we all needed to learn to sew our costumes. Mom couldn't be expected to do it all! My sisters and I learned to sew with knits, bead lace appliques, and test the design waters when making our costumes.


I have always been interested in fashion design and although I never had any formal training, when my daughters were born and as they grew I loved designing clothes for them. I made all their formal dresses through their high school years. Now I have two granddaughters and two grandsons to design and sew for.

I love retro designs, particularly fashions from the 1950's and early 60's as well as thrift stores/garage and estate sales. Even though I have sewn for many years I look forward to learning new techniques.

Hello Mary - we'll enjoy seeing what you make, particularly any more formal dresses.  Welcome :-)
Thank you.


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