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Hi, I'm Cat.  I'm an Australian living in LA - married with 3 little girls and homeschooling too right now.  Life couldn't be busier for trying to cram in a hobby but I'm trying!  I love vintage patterns mostly, and I'm trying to sew most of my oldest girlie's wardrobe for the future, in size 8, through the last 100 years of fashion.  I'm in the 80's right now, it's really fun!
Hi Cat... Welcome to sew weekly..  I love your  idea of sewing for your daugher through the 100 years.. Love to see some pictures. Happy Sewing.
Hi Judy!  Is it ok to "advertise"?  my blog is here  It has been slow going but I'm making progress.  Feedback is very welcome - fellow sewers are in short supply in my neck of the woods! :)
Welcome, Cat! We can be new here and overly busy together (though I don't have nearly such a fun school assignment to work on, even if it is for your daughter)!
Hi Seeks Corey!  I wish my sewing was a school project.  Right now my  6 year old is far more interested in drawing and telling stories about Ancient Rome than she is about sewing, but periodically she checks in on me to make sure I'm still sewing :)  That is nice!



I find you through Debi's blog.  After ten years when I almost only made 18th century clothes, I started to feel that I needed to branch out. I also felt that my wardrobe badly needed an overhaul and last year I made the first steps to add some vintage inspired clothes to it. Early this year I started a more focused project for my wardrobe, embarking on a four-year plan to create a 1940's wardrobe. I'm currently taking the first steps for the autumn/winter wardrobe and blog about that venture here:


I also blog about everything else I sew, which is a lot of 18th century, but can be almost anything else. I'm a ficjkle creature and always sew at least three different things at any given time:


I do even finish stuff! :D


I live in Stockholm, Sweden with my family- most of them are cats, but there are two humans in the lot too. I spend most of my free time sewing or reading.

Welcome Elisa - happy sewing in whatever centry. We look forward to seeing all you make.
Welcome Elisa! Great to see you on here!!
nice to see you here Elisa, I will definitely be having a look at your blog later!
Hi all,

I'm Cathe (Catherine) and currently I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I moved here from Atlanta, GA five years ago and originally from Los Angeles, CA. I left LA in 1998. Georgia is a hub for folk art and hand crafts which ignited or re-ignited my passion for sewing. Once moving here I found winters to be really long, dark and horribly cold. Sewing became therapy for me. I love to sew but also other hand crafts. For me I love the thought process and taking something flat and two dimensional and turning into a functional item.

I found that I was becoming careless about purchasing clothes and consuming too much. I have since put a moratorium on
shopping for fun, it's a bad habit. Sewing has taught me to appreciate the end result and all that goes into making clothes.

I moved to Minnesota for Target, I work at HQ in the creative department. So I'm surround by creative people all day which is really a joy. I'm married to a lovely man who also sews and we have a 19 year old daughter who has no interest in sewing but is very complementary of our work. We also have three dogs, crazy I know. In the summer we grow veggies and spend lots of time outdoors.

I'm really excited to join all of you and I find your work incredibly inspirational and amazing, such talent and passion!

For the five lovely ladies (plus others) that produce an outfit a week and put together a photo shoot and upload all the information regarding each project, I am in awe!
welcome Cathe, glad you have joined us, hope you enjoy sewing with us x
Lately I've really enjoyed all the fun conversations! I need to get hopping on my sewing!


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