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Hi Jen, I agree...I HATE ironing too.. Charolette had a pretty good idea..,moving to England.ha But guess we will just have to get the iron out..dont think my  husband is gonna move to England.ha.. Judy
Hi Judy - I've seen your efforts and I think that you know how to put an iron to good use, lol but the way the weather has been lately I don't think I'll need to move to England. I can't help but think there are not too many summer dresses left for me to do this year. Cheers, Jen.

My Dads a wood-turner too! I hope you get through that pile of shame, i have one too....

I can't remember where I heard the term 'pile of shame' but it definitely describes mine. I think that there is at least two skirts, four dresses, numerous tops and a pair of pants that need a waistband. Still, I have just got a new overlocker and so I may reduce it yet.


I had a quick look at your blog and I covet your cube shelf for material storage :-)

Hi all,


Im Sarah, Ive been sewing on and off for about 5years. I live in Glasgow, Scotland, with my husband and two young girls, Rebecca (almost 3) and Hannah (19months). I always wanted a sewing machine, and asked for one for my 21st birthday and I love it. Although since having the girls, I have realised that I wanted to try and make more clothes, I made this for my eldest daughter last year But havent made much of note since. This year I am on a bit of a mission to make more clothes, for the kids and myself. 


My major challenge I want to take on is to make my dress for my brothers wedding (its a year away) Something from the 1930's I think. But hopefully I'll find the time to make some other clothes as well.


I love how I came to follow this blog, Steven, my husband is a web developer, he came across this website, in either one of his geek mags or on a webbie forum. He show it to me and I was hooked, Ive loved watching your (Mena)  process along the way.



Hi Sarah,

 I too, found Mena's sight ,by accident and was hooked!!! I love all the nice people on here,

and love seeing all the pretty things they sew..  Love your daughters dress.Judy

Hi ya'll! (that's me practicing my southern drawl)

I'm a writer/blogger/first time mother who began a blog CreativeSpace in order to inject creativity (cooking, sewing, crafting, writing, baking, etc.) into my daily life and to give me something to think about other than diapers and more diapers. My mother attempted to teach me how to sew when I was younger, but I was too busy rebelling to pay attention. (Yes, I'm now kicking myself for the lost opportunity.) I've been following Mena for awhile, and when she extended her sewing challenge to the community, I jumped for joy. I felt this challenge was excellent motivation to learn how to sew. I'm a total beginner and practically glued to my sewing encyclopedia, but I'm enjoying the process.

I live in Virginia and am preparing for a move to North Carolina. I will need an entire wardrobe of summer dresses just to survive the NC heat. I live with my sweet hubs and daughter and our greyhound, Mudslide, in a historic house on the park.

Can't wait to see you all around the Sewing Circle!

Hello everyone!

My name is Novita, I'm originally from Indonesia but right now I live in Tokyo with my husband and our 7 years old son.


I used to go to fashion school many years ago but then I was busy working and didn't have much time to sew anymore. About three years ago, I moved to Japan and became stay-at-home mom, and began to sew again. Couldn't stop ever since!


My blog is ::verypurpleperson:: where I mostly blog about my sewing projects and a bit of my life in Japan. I usually use Japanese patterns for my sewing, but this year I want to start using vintage patterns. Hope to learn a lot from this wonderful forum!


Thank you!


what a fabulous blog! The spring dress is beautiful, really fresh and vibrant. I'm going to really enjoy looking through your other exploits ....
Oh! You are one of my favorite blogs to follow, I'm excited to see you join!



My name is Farah, and I was born, and have lived my whole life in Toronto, Canada.  I am currently a stay at home mom to my two kids (7 year old boy and 3 year old girl) and am also finishing up grad school and will re-enter the workforce soon, I hope.


Between grad school and my two kids, I don't have a lot of free time, but I love to sew when ever I can.  I love making dresses, usually for myself, sometimes for my daughter.  I blog at


I am hoping to join in on the sew weekly challenges, but i currently have a long to-do list of sewing that needs to get done first!

your if Twiggy were Amish dress is gorgeous! I'm particularly interested because I have just bought the Built by Wendy book - your dress has inspired me to jump in!


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