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I have coats on the brain. One for my daughter, two for me.  I kinda went nuts with Fabric Mart's Shetland Wool sale.  However, giving that I live in The South, I'm thinking that a cotton flannel interlining would be best. I'm thinking's quilter's flannel.   Any advise?  

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Me too!  I'm thinking of making a tailored jacket this year.  When you say coat, though, what kind of silhouette are you thinking of?  Are you  thinking of a tailored winter coat, or a fluffy coat, or a winter jacket?

Also, for Christmas, I bought the book "Tailoring: the classic guide to sewing the perfect jacket"  I recommend it as a reference if you're going the tailored route.  It covers all kinds of topics including fabric choices for the outside, interfacing, and lining.  Otherwise, if you're going the puffy route, there was this pattern I saw that you could download, but it's not coming to my mind at the moment...   Either way, what style coats are you thinking?

I'm making tailored coats. I'm gonna use the more RTW method for my daughter on a 40's coat pattern. I'm doing the Lady Grey from Colette for me, with tailoring and all that.  

I think I found the solution for interlining on my daughter's coat. I have some cotton flannel swaddling blankets my Mom made when my son was born. They are white and pale blue and just perfect for what i had in mind. So now I can reuse them into something that will be around for a while.  

Awesome!  It's always nice to find things in your stash that you can use or repurpose... Also, do you know about the Lady Grey sew-along that happened in 2010 on Gertie's Blog for Better Sewing?

I'm going to read through it before I attempt my coat.  Lots of helpful hints.


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