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Have any of you ever used this company to make a garment?

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They are completely new to me.  The patterns are very pretty and I will probably end up buying a few. I know that's not the answer you were looking for but wanted to thank you anyway for posting this. :)

PS: The reviews for the invidiual patterns seem quite promising.

I totally agree with you there are some really awesome pieces .

I have not used them, but they've been on my radar for over a year now.  What I've seen, however, in terms of finished products around the internets is pretty awesome and seems people have positive experiences using the patterns. 

I'm working on the Tea at Two dress right now. The instructions are from the original patterns and are not as comprehensive as modern pattern instructions. There hasn't been anything I haven't been able to figure out from online and book sources though. Lauren (it's her company) is also really great about answering email questions and she does technique posts on her blog for the patterns.

That has been really helpful. Thank you.

I love the Tea at Two dress. I would love to see your finished garment.


You will eventually. I had intended it for the buttonhole challenge, but it is a very detailed sort of dress and takes a lot of time. So, it may end up for the UFO week instead. Unless I can find a 30s movie that was nominated for an Oscar that had a dress like it as a costume. I suppose that is cheating a bit, but WTH.

Although I've never used any Wearing History patterns, I've heard good things about them. Casey of Elegant Musings has used and reviewed at least one - the smooth sailing trouser pattern.

xx Charlotte

Tuppence Ha'penny


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