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I don't know why but this question came into my head the other day..... If I was a fabric, what fabric would I be?  And I thought it would be fun to hear what other people thought they would be!


For me I think I would definitely be a drapey fabric (as I tend to 'go with the flow' a lot and am quite flexible), I think I would be slightly understated but have some sort of surprising feature that only becomes apparent after sewing!  Hmmmm....  I think I might be some sort of silk taffeta (like the fabric I used for my 1943 blouse)....Not sure what color....definitely a jewel color (as I do love the finer things in life) but not something too loud (as I tend to be on the quieter side in my interactions) maybe a deep blue silk taffeta!!


What would you be?

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Hmmmm, this is fun!  I think I would be something soft, but with a little body ........ a hint of luxury, but sensible too .......  and definately all natural.   Today I'm a silk/cotton blend in navy!  Tomorrow I could be ......
I would probably be a crepe-back satin.  Soft and shiny, but stronger than I look.
Haha!  what a fun question!  I would HOPE to be velvet, because it's so yummy (but also a bearcat to work with).  I'm probably more of a cotton/poly blend - practical to a fault, but pretty easy to work with and (hopefully) long lasting!  I want to be around for a long time!
Vicki, I think "bearcat to work with" is my favorite description of velvet EVER - totally accurate!
What a great question! I think I would be polished cotton in a vintage pattern. Everyday and wearable but with a shiny bit of polish to my veneer. Stiff at first but eventually bendable.
Definitely polka dot cotton! :)
Sarah,,, I think I will go with you..I love,love polka dots [in cotton]..All shades.. so pretty.
Cheerful seersucker I think!


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