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This morning as I sipped my coffee I got to thinking, if I could do anything or be anything what would it be…and then I wondered what you would answer. Of course things are good but it's always fun to dream! Maybe the Royal Wedding got me thinking and dreaming…


So here goes…At least right in the moment I think I would like to be an art curator at the Smithsonian museum. About a year ago I would have answered someone working on a vineyard in New Zealand! Wine, art, there is some connection there!

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If I could anything ....

I would like to run a cafe which hosted performance art, poetry & music events in the evening, and also had shelves of books - which you could read while you drank, or buy. I would also sell secondhand and antique books online (I originally trained as a valuer and cataloguer of antiquarian books - although I now work in an academic bookshop at a Univeristy). On the walls I would have artwork by local artists from which I would take a small commision if they sold. I would also sell some of my own sewn creations (bags, aprons etc). The cakes would all come from a local bakery - in fact I'd want to source as much as possible locally and advertise it as such. The cafe would be decorated with salvaged antiques - oil lamps etc, the tables and chairs would all be mismatched vintage & antiques (yes I love car boots & auctions), and everything would be for sale, if it didn't sell it could look pretty and provide atmosphere!


On another day I'll tell you my dream is to be a stay at home mum & home maker (my husband will have become famous and well paid performance artist ) - I would have a gentle career as a successful author - who also had an etsy shop.My entire family would be dressed in clothes I had made, and in my spare time (!) I would volunteer at the local library (that's if we have any left by the time this government is finished). Oh and I would have two dogs and a cat, and a gorgeous garden with a large veg patch at the end and sweet peas growing round the door, and a washing line).

Oh I love your dream and it's so detailed!
I think I'll be moving into your cafe tomorrow. It sounds like the perfect place to sink back into a couch with the Mac and finish up my thesis (Boy - I'm sick of that thing already!). I'd have to start a tap though - and agree that coffee will be served as fast as I finish each cup (it's fair trade coffee, right??).

 I  think, I would love to  have been a Home Ec teacher..Back in the day ,when they really taught kids sewing, cooking and running a house hold.  I just love teaching young people to sew..In my area, it is so rare to find anyone that sews, much less young people.I would have loved seeing thier progress and getting to deal with fabrics and notions each day..

   And Cathe... being a sales clerk in Hancock Fabric [providing they let me bring a recliner and relax,ha] would be

   Why I didnt pursue the teaching Home Ec ,instead of Respiratory Therapy [hospital work]..I dont  know??? Loved my job.............but this would be ideal.

   And then ,during the summers , I could  travel to Paris, UK [and meet my sweet friends there], and some other pretty  places. And of course..along the way...visit many fabric shops,and op shops..

  Now...what a life that would be..

Oh Judy, this sounds perfect to me and of course the bit about traveling!
Fashion designer...  Now I work with so many numbers and Stats.... maybe its a dream that will will persue one day !
Geez - If I could be anything.... these days all I want to be is finished writing my BA-thesis. Hand in is May 10th (which is why I'm yet to join in on the challenges). But if I was to do what I really wanted to do, I'd be in (or done with a degree from) an artschool of some kind, preferly (sewing) design or lampwork. Then I'd have a studio where I could work and leave my stuff for my return, not having to clear it out when it's time for dinner or company :D

If I could be anything... I would be head curator of the Fashion and Dress Department at the V&A in London but I would also love to freelance as a historical advisor in country houses and period drama film sets. So that when I have my babies I can work  freelance and consult.

Bring on the PHD!!!  xx

Imagine working at the V&A, ummm dreamy! I would get lost in the clothes and textiles spending all my time daydreaming! I'm sure I would get fired too... :-( oops!
Sounds wonderful................. yep.........we would all get fired.hahahaha
But what fun we would have and imagine if we worked together! Ha! I imagine working at the Smithsonian and trying, okay squeezing (hardly) into the first lady's dresses...and them I'm caught and the party is over...but I had such a good time!

cathe, i love your forum posts. both your answers are tres cool.


i would own a little clothing boutique on a main street somewhere (it would be named main street), full of self made one of a kinds. i would have florescent orange streaks just on my bottom curls, and ladies would say to each other, "let's go see what that bohemian gal has in the store today, she's so different."


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