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This week I had such high hopes.... epic fail, again, no time no time. I am under pressure because I spend all of July obsessed by men in lycra.... ;0)


I get to sew ONLY after I have been to my full time job and my three year old daughter is in bed. So big projects overwhelm me. Some nights I am just too tired and don't even get started. I have a whole long list of projects I would like to do PLUS, in July, it is the only sport I like. Yes, I am a huge fan of the Tour de France cycling race.


As I can't watch the Tour all day (I did this sometimes before I had my daughter!) for 3 weeks while it's on I watch the highlights show every night - it is an hour long. So I can't start until an hour later than normal.


I see Debi has had the same problem - the time pressure, not the obsession with men in lycra - (those five TSW ladies are under such pressure to deliver, glad it's not me) and has been getting up early to sew despite her sister visiting. She is super dedicated and I am glad she is having a week off next week to move. (Good luck Debi, and looking forward to seeing you back the week after).


What is stopping you from doing the challenges?

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I definitely think a photo of this phd is necessary - how old were you when you started?

14 and it was the second one I started.  The first one was finished and is now in the possession of my daughter

this is the best photo I can find, it is actually a pale yellow and is the same front and back.

The phd is brown  with cream embroidery & I'd have to try and find it first, before I can take a photo

very nice! exactly what I imagined.... you started this at 14? gosh, I am really impressed x

Hi Charlotte, the only sports I can watch on TV are the winter ones - I like the skating and skiing and the bob sleds. Maybe it's because I'm all cosied up inside, that's why it appeals and coupled with a bit of knitting, well, that's a winning combination for me!

I enjoyed the horse racing yesterday, I've never been before. From this year, I'm doing loads of things I've never ever done and going to the races was one of them. Actually being at the event was great and full of atmosphere.

I kind of like winter sport too, but I don't know anything about it, I just like the Ski Sunday music!


You looked beautiful at the horseracing, glad you enjoyed it


Thanks Charlotte!
I can relate. I work and have a 16 month old girl. Children demand a lot of time and attention. I have been also helping my friend with her wedding. That took up the majority of my time. I do plan on going back to school this coming September and try to finish my degree. I have so much respect for the fab 5. They certainly can deliver. And they deliver well.

Good post! There are so many things that conspire to stop me sewing, but if I'm entirely honest, probably the biggest one is me myself. Here are a few examples:

1.  I work (almost) full time and have two small children so my only sewing time is when they go to bed in the evening by which point I'm usually ready to collapse in front of the tv.

2. I have to get up quite early for work, so I'm an early to bed person too - this means what ever time I do have after the kids go to bed is quite short and I prefer to have time to get stuck into things rather than do little bits here and there.

3. Clutter - I daren't show you my sewing cupboard, despite having a specially made area where I could put all my crafting stuff, it has ended getting up so cluttered with all my unfinished (and unstarted) work (not to mention lots of other random stuff that gets chucked in there) that by the time I've rooted round to get out all the stuff out to work on the project, it's time to put it all back again (see early to bed problem above).

4. Stash. This probably really comes under clutter, but in the past I have been guilty buying any fabric that I like the look of if it's in the bargain bin (and quite a few that weren't) without any really idea of what I was going to do with them, or where I have had a plan of what to do then I just haven't got round to it. This has held me back a) because with all the clutter I can't find space to do anything and b) the sheer amount of stuff leads to a sort of mental paralysis where I can't decide what to start on first (or worse still I end up starting on a couple of things and finish none of them).


Anyway I'm trying to get round all this by a) not buying any more stuff until I've used up at least a bit of what's already there, b) trying to be a bit more decisive and just start on something and not do anything else until I've got it finished and c) trying just to get on with it and fit in what little bits I can here and there rather than wait for the mythical day when I can have enough time to get it all done in one go.

I really know where you are coming from when you say that 'Clutter' is holding you back, it happens to a lot of us.  But every now and again it needs tackling head on.  At the beginning of the year on The Quilt Show forum one of the ladies challenged us every week for about 7 weeks to tackle and tidy a small section of our sewing rooms/areas, ie. week 1 - our work table; week 2 - the space to the right of our sewing machine; week 3 - one drawer; week 4 - a book shelf;  etc.

This made it  do-able and it was fun (in a weird sort of way) to know that there were others joining in the same challenges, and to be able to announce that the week's mission was accomplished! 

Then with some of the clutter cleared, you might be able to see 'the wood from the trees' and have the space to decide to get on and make some things.

Oh, that's such a brilliant idea!  What if we did something like that on here - set a number of weeks and each week we have a different area of our sewing space that needs to be organised, then we could post before and after photos to encourage each other and ourselves?
very good idea - my sewing area needs a major overhaul and doing it bit by bit may be a better way to go.
Ok -  how about we start the challanges in September


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