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This week I had such high hopes.... epic fail, again, no time no time. I am under pressure because I spend all of July obsessed by men in lycra.... ;0)


I get to sew ONLY after I have been to my full time job and my three year old daughter is in bed. So big projects overwhelm me. Some nights I am just too tired and don't even get started. I have a whole long list of projects I would like to do PLUS, in July, it is the only sport I like. Yes, I am a huge fan of the Tour de France cycling race.


As I can't watch the Tour all day (I did this sometimes before I had my daughter!) for 3 weeks while it's on I watch the highlights show every night - it is an hour long. So I can't start until an hour later than normal.


I see Debi has had the same problem - the time pressure, not the obsession with men in lycra - (those five TSW ladies are under such pressure to deliver, glad it's not me) and has been getting up early to sew despite her sister visiting. She is super dedicated and I am glad she is having a week off next week to move. (Good luck Debi, and looking forward to seeing you back the week after).


What is stopping you from doing the challenges?

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Sorry about your internet being down..Will be waiting to  see pictures when you get  it fixed..Are you enjoying your Tour De France??/ Hope so.. Happy sewing.

Oh yes Judy, it was ace yesterday, and I did some "refashionista" cardigan embroidery in front of the tv while I watched it so I did do a (late) challenge too! I have some more embroidery to do tonight so that will keep me going ....


Hope you are ok



I feel lucky to have a lot of time and space to sew--unfortunately neither of those things is matched by the amount of money I have to buy fabric with!  I've never been one to spend much on clothes, so I can't even tell myself that I'm just moving the budgetary space from RTW to raw materials.  I'm always amazed to see everybody's fabric stashes, because I only buy fabric with a specific project in mind and try to use the scraps too whenever I can.  More time than money, I guess!

I can relate to that I learned sewing when I was ten which means practicly no money at all. I always liked to recycle fabric from old clothes or even sheets and I always cut out the zippers and buttons of clothing that is going to be tossed because these little things are so expensive.

You can always try your luck at trift stores or flee markets but you probably have just the right attidude if you only buy fabric for a projekt at a time :-)


Sewing has completely spoilt RTW for me, I just can't spend £40 on a top any more when I know it has £10 worth of fabric in it ;0) I do the same justification and buy fabric thinking "look how much I am saving" although I do buy loads more fabric than I ever did RTW..... oops


Like Nora I have had fun and success with old sheets and thrifting!


My biggest constraints are time and patience.   I never have enough time - sure, after work, I should be able to squeeze something in, but I dance 4-5 times a week, usually two hours each night that I have class, plus my commute back and forth (maybe adds an hour round trip depending on traffic, etc).  Once I get home I juggle baking, learning the banjo and accordion, and then my crafty time. 


Recently it has been devoted to sewing, but my problem is that if I hit a snag along the way, I may put it down until I have the time or patience to really figure out how to fix it.  For example, I'm working on a new pattern from a small designer, and the directions aren't very clear, and all the pieces weren't included.  There was a lot of 'if you want to do this variation, then just cut out as many extra strips of fabric that you need.'  Unfortunately, that's not how I work so I'm getting some fitting issues in assembling the dress.  When that happens, I put it down and pick up something else. Another sewing project, or in this case, cross stitch.  In the end, I think it boils down to the fact that I have craft ADD.

Thats sounds like you found a fun way of beeing busy :-) I tend to have to many hobbys as well, but I try to focus on learning sewing for the moment. I love to bake as well and I did a lot of crafting before my son was born but with a toddler around all this easy chokeable things have to take a long holiday :-)

Gosh you have a busy life! What a good phrase - craft ADD. I am trying to finish projects before I start new ones but at the mo I have to finish:

1 dress

1 knitted doll

1 crocheted top

1 embroidered cardi

I seem to have a UFO in every craft I do!

Me TOO..............Wish I knew how to organize and finish  things..ha

I don't think I would like to list my ufo's  - I think that I probably have ufo's in nearly every embroidery technique I've tried (and that is lots) and then I would have to move on to tailoring, garment making (old English Smock just past it's 30th birthday-oops!) and patchwork & quilting.   Although I don't have any knitting or crochet ufo's but that is only because I don't indulge in those crafts.

By the way I prefer to refer to them as Phd's - Projects half done  :) it sounds more erudite somehow.

phd's I love it! I am sooooo stealing that.


I have more phd's than that, these are just the ones I actually have plans to finish. I think 30th birthday for a smock is very respectable.... perhaps if we have another ufo week you could finish it!


Long live the phd's!

One of the reasons the smock is taking sooo long is because the thread I started the embroidery with is a complete -------- ------- (make up your own expletives) to work with, this is because it is a lace thread and I had to work it double to get the right thickness and I really couldn't wait until my mum could buy a better thread for the work because I wanted to start it straight away-as in right now this minute!  I did do a little bit of work on it about 9 years ago when I realised that it was the thread that was the nusiance.  The good news about it is that I haven't grown any taller since I cut it out, so if I ever get it finished it will still fit, and being a smock the width is adaptable too :)


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