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Hey everyone! I'm not sure if this is the place to post this.


I got sucked in by a sale and ended up with 2 to 3 yards of this fabric:



It's Little (I know) Lisette Watercolor.


The only thing that I can find on Google is where someone made a simple gathered skirt.


Any ideas on what I should do with this? I may be too old for this print.

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Wow it is cute.

 I think I would cut it out with the black lines running toward the bottom of the outfit.  THis makes it look like tiny ruffles or colored ribbons sewn together

It would make a really cute simple sleeveless dress with a solid jacket over it and some bright red shoes.

Let us know what you decided to do with it.

I love Lisette fabrics and patterns, and I like the way they put them together.

This was featured as a girl's skirt:

but for a more sophisticated update, I agree with the previous poster that it would look nice used as a border print, perhaps on a solid skirt or trim to a solid blouse.

Maybe I'm late and you've already found your perfect idea. But just in case you're still looking for suggestions, why not try Burdastyle's Bustier. This pattern is a dress, but you could always forger about the skirt and just use the top. All the reinforcement techniques help keep it from falling down or with having problems being able to get it zipped alone.

I saw the dress on, Gretchen Hirsch runs a construction class on this dress. The suggestion she makes if you're only going to sew the bodice is to use a separating zipper to allow you to take it on and off. 

Best of luck. :)



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