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More themes are up! (Thanks Mena) I really like the idea of revisiting a pattern....

I'm thinking about another Colette Peony.... (I already have 2 Colette Crepes and 2 Colette Gingers, can I do a re-revisit? tee hee) this time in a smaller bodice but with a Full Bust Adjustment.

Have you decided to revisit a pattern? Have you made something you like so much you'd like another or do you want to make alterations?

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A 'binliner' is a bag that you line your dustbin, or 'trashcan' with Judy!

Thanks all..

  You ladies are teaching 'this old dog new tricks' thanks..

 we  have those bags too.. called trash can liners.. funny isnt it??


You ladies are totally cracking me up! This is so fun to read (I'm miles behind theses days).

I kind of want to have a pitty party, this time of year is so hectic for me workwise. I have no idea how, when or what I will do for the next few challenges...overwhelmed.

I do like the idea of doing a familiar pattern, that seems doable!

Bin liner and rubbish! They are now part of my vocabulary, thank you all!

Cathe, didnt you just love it... "rubbish" and bin liner..  Isnt it so fun to learn the new meanings of words..


  Cathe, I have an idea for the redo challenge. the beautiful  tunic pattern that you did, the one that lapped over in the front.Beautiful..I love it.looks so good on you..  that would be a nice one. I think it was made from denim and a  vintage fabric.. I think it was the Indygojunction pattern???[ not sure] .  Or, I loved,loved the last skirt you did..sooooo cute ,with the big pockets?? 

  Let me think awhile longer..and I will come up with all kinds of projects.hahahahha.. Now where- you will find the time????????????//  I cant figure those problems

Thanks Judy! Super good ideas!


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