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More themes are up! (Thanks Mena) I really like the idea of revisiting a pattern....

I'm thinking about another Colette Peony.... (I already have 2 Colette Crepes and 2 Colette Gingers, can I do a re-revisit? tee hee) this time in a smaller bodice but with a Full Bust Adjustment.

Have you decided to revisit a pattern? Have you made something you like so much you'd like another or do you want to make alterations?

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Good idea. I have a german Burdastyle sewing book, but it's a complete difrent book, no patterns just general information about fabric and pattern alternations.
Great idea, because I have a set of Burda magazines from 2000 & 2001.  I was eyeing the pattern for a pair of wide-legged linen trousers the other day that should be just the challenge I need.
I'm not sure what to make.. Sugestion?
No suggestion, you could wear a bin liner and still look great!

Hey Charolette, What is a bin liner????

 and I agree...  Rachel could wear 'what ever" and look adorable...ha

black sack that you put in your bin (if you ever bother)
You girls are too kind...

Judy, bin liner is rubbish bag ... And I don't think so ....

Don't say no untill you tried it, I have fond memories of playing the paper bag princess in kindergarten. :-)

I made a updated version out of shopping bags for a heros-of-your-childhood-party ( I usually find an excuse to dress up ;-)

Maybe there should be unusual material challenge :-)

This could be a fun challenge... Nora, Really nice shape dress
Love that idea!
Lucky me had a Burda pattern sent to me in the patternswap, so I'm going to use that and make a dress for Christmas.

I'm excited too.  I love having time to plan and order fabric if needed.  I've got my pinup stuff ready to cut out and get started. I'm doing short pink ruffle fabric shorts and a matching Alabama Stitch Book corset top so more hot sleepwear pinup then throw back pinup.  That's just more what pops into my head when I think pinup.  That and tiny little low cut sailor outfits but I really don't need one of those.

  I don't have the Burda Handbook so I may make something out of the magazine and call it close or I may just keep working on my jeans and bombshell dress that week.  I'm going to do the revisit though it may not be exciting as what I really need around here are more basic winter tops so I'll probably revisit a tee pattern with some work on the arms. 


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