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More themes are up! (Thanks Mena) I really like the idea of revisiting a pattern....

I'm thinking about another Colette Peony.... (I already have 2 Colette Crepes and 2 Colette Gingers, can I do a re-revisit? tee hee) this time in a smaller bodice but with a Full Bust Adjustment.

Have you decided to revisit a pattern? Have you made something you like so much you'd like another or do you want to make alterations?

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Replies to This Discussion friend Charolette.. You  CANT skip the pin up challenge.. Remember.... we ALL remember

the practicing you were doing for your pose???? hahhahahhaah.. [You thought I would forget..nope..I cant wait to see that photo.teehee]

I totally agree, no skipping for you Charlotte ! one of the blogs around is doing a undies sew along so maybe you can go for trashy after all!!
hahahaha ---
I agree, all the training has to pay off! :-)

Yep... charolette..we want the pose..hahahahhaha

I'm looking forward to this theme too...Like Kat, not sure if I will make something again that I didn't really like the first time around OR make something again because I loved it so much...hmmmmmm  Can't wait to see what everyone does!
Me too Debi.. not sure which direction? this is a good challenge.. Cant wait to see what everyone will do? fun,fun.. Happy sewing
I'll have a go at the re-do challenge but I think for the Burda handbook challenge, I'll just do a Burda magazine pattern and call it  close enough. I don't think I could get the book ordered and delivered on time and as I have nearly all of the Burda magazines going back to 1993, I think they've get their money's worth out of me :-). I did have a look on the Burdastyle website and it did have a line drawing of the five patterns in the book (for the e book purchasers) so I have an idea of what to look for in a pattern.
Jen, you are a woman after my own heart.  I feel the same, it could take weeks to order the book and have it posted to the bottom of the world where we live, the boats don't come that often!  Just kidding it's the planes that are the problem.  I too will see if I have a Burda pattern in the stash.  Cheers, mate.
Hmmm checked the stash - slim pickings.  Bad enormous 90's hat.  90's "hip" pants (sit at hip level - not so good after two kids have lived inside your body) and 90's one shoulder midriff top (as before), what do do?
Burda mag is cool too, I'm working on trousers from there so if I don't get round to the book I should atleast have a little offering.


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