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I have borrowed someone else's machine....... should I use it?

I have had tension problems for ages, on my machine and me personally, the bloody machine was giving me tension because it wouldn't work ;0)


Anyway.... I went to sewing class this week and my teacher confirmed it wasn't just me, the machine is in need of attention. So I have left it at the Studio and the repair men is going to look at it. I can't get it back for at least 2 weeks.


In a nutshell, my lovely lovely dressmaking class teacher has leant me a sewing machine. It is a basic machine that she claims children have used.


My problem is: I am worried about using it because I don't want to break it.  I couldn't face going back and saying it was broken. On the other hand if I don't use it I will do no sewing for 2 weeks.


I keep thinking of the time I looked after my neighbours fish and it died! What do you think?

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Thanks Cathe - I keep thinking I should have made something better / more difficult but this was all I could manage right now. I might embroider names on once they are born (if they chose short names, hah!).


I loved your skirt photos this week btw, you and your dog look lovely!

I think the blankets are perfect and the fact you made it for the babies is even sweeter.


You know, Cooper loves to get in the pictures and is a cheerful little fellow, thanks!

Well. Its always hard to use someone else machine without fear... my best friend was using mine and the neddle broke inside and turned into a hooke... looked so scary...but after the repair men looked at it and said it was fine so we all releived.. he said  machines are very sturdy.. was no problem there...  so I think you should use it... if reading the instructions helps you to gain more confisence... try that...
Judy: pants, knickers, it is your underwear that you wear on your bottom! What do you call what you wear on your bottom under your skirt? To me that's your pants or your knickers.

I can't wait to find out what you call it. Now I am laughing out loud.

ha,ha,ha,ha,ha.. I too am laughing out loud!!!

  well----  I call them panties...  and I just have to tell you this one...some older people call them

drawers.. Kenny[ hubby ]  has told me of an older gentleman at his work.. He would say to the

fellows," Don't get your drawers in  a wad".hahahha.. this meaning..Dont  get all mad or upset

over something.........

  So... dont expect a picture of "panties " or 'drawers'.

Judy.. my grandparents say 'don't get your knickers in a knot!'

Casey we say that too, the knickers in a knot thing, I like Kenny's version very much though!


This thread has made me nearly wet my knickers laughing! tee hee!



I about to wet my  panties, drawers, or knickers...what ever you want to call them.hahahhahha
So funny... Isnt it strange how  we all mean the same thing..but its worded a little different.I love it...hahahhaha
This must be a generation thing, my grandma woulds say " don't get your underwear in a bundle", " buttons on your underwear" and " talking smart" which I believe she would consider all of this!

Cathe...yes .. My mom also said," So---sew a button on your drawers." I had  forgotten that one..hahaha

  And I have DEFINITELY heard, "talking smart".. My mom said this quite a few my life.. and I kinda think my 2 kids heard it a few times..ha

what does the sew buttons on your underwear thing mean?


is talking smart being cheeky?


this is soooo much fun!


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