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I have borrowed someone else's machine....... should I use it?

I have had tension problems for ages, on my machine and me personally, the bloody machine was giving me tension because it wouldn't work ;0)


Anyway.... I went to sewing class this week and my teacher confirmed it wasn't just me, the machine is in need of attention. So I have left it at the Studio and the repair men is going to look at it. I can't get it back for at least 2 weeks.


In a nutshell, my lovely lovely dressmaking class teacher has leant me a sewing machine. It is a basic machine that she claims children have used.


My problem is: I am worried about using it because I don't want to break it.  I couldn't face going back and saying it was broken. On the other hand if I don't use it I will do no sewing for 2 weeks.


I keep thinking of the time I looked after my neighbours fish and it died! What do you think?

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Sounds that way Cathe - no excuses! x


This photo is for you Judy! Proof..... I finished these two cot quilts this evening, using the borrowed sewing machine. My friend is 37 weeks pregnant with twin girls so I needed to finish them quickly so they were ready to welcome the babies when they arrive!


So I have used the machine. And I am very happy ;0)


Thanks for the support everyone, I don't appear to have broken it yet, touch wood ;0)




 How beautiful.. so sweet of you..  I have twin grandaughers [who are now 6 yrs old].. Buying and doing for

  I am proud of you for finishing the quilts and  using the borrowed machine..Yea  Charolette!!!

  I bet it was nice sewing on  a machine that the tension ,is not messed up.. There is nothing worse , than

sitting down to sew, and having to work or rather fiddle [in my case] with it ,to get it to sew..I loose my notion by then..ha

 Proud of you Charolette!!! Tell your friend Congradulations on the new baby girls.


 Got another quesiton for you teacher??? We say ,"knock on wood'--- is it the same thing as "touch wood?'

   Girls--- Charolette keeps me up on the different phrases from the different places..!

Hello Judy


The only problem is that the borrowed machine sews much better than my own - now I never want to give it back! I had not sewn on another machine apart from mine since I got it (nearly 4 years, although I only used it sporadically until the sewweekly challenges) and when I got it I had not used a machine since being a teenager - my mother's was the only one I ever used until then. I love this new machine. Ah well, commandment ten: 'You shall not covet your neighbor's house; you shall not covet your neighbor's wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor's.' I am trying to think good thoughts and not "I want a new machine, I want a new machine, I want a new machine", hopefully mine will run super well when I get it back.


I am so excited about Gemma's babies, she is such a good friend, I have everything crossed for an easy delivery, it is her first. I called to see her last night, she is enormous! Not long now I think. Having twin granddaughters must be fabulous though (although I was cursing when I had finished quilt number one and I still had a second one to go, got to be the same for both), you must be so proud of them and I bet you spoil them rotten - they are nearly old enough to start them sewing with Emily!


Who knew we spoke the same language? Touch wood is for luck, if there is no obvious wood about to touch people usually touch their heads as a kind of joke - so I guess that is the same thing as knock on wood? Is that what it means? I am enjoying these differences in our language - I loved the ladybug/ladybird thing a couple of weeks ago ;0)


Has anyone else got any more?


Here's one for you Judy - do you know what a tap is?




  Tap?????????????/ Have no idea?? unless it is tap water.. that is what we call water straight out of the faucett??? hahahha.. am I right?


   Yes Knock on  wood, is for good luck..[Love the touching your head.. thats a good one.. I will have to throw that in to someone...who doesnt have a clue ,what I'm]


   Having twins is awsome... They are sooo funny.. and totally opposite..One is all femine--loves dolls etc.the other one is  tomboy and loves playing with her big brothers swords, play guns, camoflouge all the way..  Now sewing.... One might and the other wouldnt for nothing,ha.  They use to be so fun to dress just alike..But they are now saying.. they want different clothes.sad!!!


  Hey.. I am praying that your sewing machine is going to sew better than the borrowed you wont be 'COVETING  your neigbors sewing machine,"hahahhaa.


  thankyou  Sweet friend..  Judy

How funny, you are right, a tap is what you call a faucet - I am so loving that you call it tap water and not faucet water - you are teaching me lots too!


Another friend I know has twin girls (I know, I must be a twin magnet) who are 5 and I was so laughing at your description of your granddaughters, one of her twins insists on wearing pink and playing princesses, the other one only likes green and dinosaurs. Just like your twins! At their birthday party they had to have 2 cakes, one pink and one dinosaur!


I made something else on the machine last night, I'll post pics later, my internet was playing up at home so I couldn't post ;0)


How are you getting on with this week's challenge girls? I am expecting good things as it is American week. I hope Cooper has another starring roll Cathe!


I had something in mind that has turned out to be super complicated so I might just knock up another ginger.....



So funny Charolette.. [yep...wonder why we didnt come up with faucet water??ha


 My twins sound exactly as your friends ,5 yr olds.. two birthday cakes [last year one was disney princess and the other was army].Amy [the princess one] said..."Ashlee, you are just ruining our birthday...your stuff is so UGLY!!] lol.


  You know Charolett..with all the twins in your friend better be careful..Minnie me might just get twin brothers..hahahhahaha


  I havent done anything for this weeks challenge.. I have been making for the, I am sitting this week out...  but dont you just love the ginger

skirt..wonderful..when the difficult things come along... always go back to ginger..

quick and easy and  wonderful to wear...Can't beat that... Proud your using the machine, and getting to sew.... yea..


Ummm I got all excited about something I had seen by Stella McCartney but alas she is not an "American designer"…darn! So then I thought hey isn't Sarai Mitnick (aka Colette) an American designer? I believe so! So Charlotte, Ginger would fit the challenge!


As for Cooper, he has been demanding more biscuits as payment for modeling. I suppose that's only fair. 


Okay for American sayings…let's see…

two cents

cat's meow

odds & ends



I think some of these translate and some don't…Charlotte???

what a challenge Cathe!


Is two cents like two penn'orth (short for two pennies' worth) ie my opinion? 

Is cat's meow like the bees' knees?

Odds and ends I think is the same: bits and pieces (what my mother calls odds and sods?)

totes I have no idea

Is hooch alcohol? 


These are my guesses!


I have learnt some others on here that I really like:


What you call a jumper we call a pinafore (a jumper to us is a pullover I think)

What you call pants we call trousers (to us pants are knickers! this one always makes me laugh - I am never putting a picture of me in my pants on here!)



You are totally right...oops I mean totes!

Tell me if is 15 minutes to 9:00, how would you say that...

I'll remember trousers not pants! Jumpers always throw me, never a sweater? Pinapore is a dress with ruffly arm holes, almost like an apron. I always thought a jumper was a dress, kind of like what you would wear in grade school. There is also "shifts", light weight summery dress, pull over your head and go type.

And then the boot, trunk and all that fun stuff!

Hi Charolete,

 You made me laugh this morning... Now..I sooooooooooo want to see a picture of you in your "knickers".hahhahaha 


    Not sure what your knicker are??

when I see what we call knickers...its little boys with  knee length pants with elastic around them.. [this was back in the olden days--even older than me.ha] and what men of today would call sissy boys..hahaha


  bees knees------- sounds so funny...


 totes -- is like a big bag/purse -- something you tote stuff in


hooch ??????????? Cathe..I live here too and I dont know what a hooch is?Fill us in.hahahhha


Yea ..Cathe is right a pinafore is for a little an apron over a dress, with ruffles in the arms [which we call butterfly sleeves]


  Jumper-- just as Cathe said... a sleeveless dress that can be worn with a blouse under neath it. we sometimes call them "jumper dress".


 And as Cathe said, shifts-- which look like a blouse underneath, just a slip on type sleeveless dress..easy to slip on and run .. just know, I am going to  get in  a store one day..and say

'Odds and Sods".. I love to see the ladies in the stores ,when they look at me like ,I just fell off planet earth.hahahhaha.. then I tell them of you.. so fun..

  thankyou and Cathe for the lessons..


What about bloomers? pantyloons??




Oh I agree with Judy, these are so delightful and such a thoughtful gift for twin babies! Your friend will be so touched!


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