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I have borrowed someone else's machine....... should I use it?

I have had tension problems for ages, on my machine and me personally, the bloody machine was giving me tension because it wouldn't work ;0)


Anyway.... I went to sewing class this week and my teacher confirmed it wasn't just me, the machine is in need of attention. So I have left it at the Studio and the repair men is going to look at it. I can't get it back for at least 2 weeks.


In a nutshell, my lovely lovely dressmaking class teacher has leant me a sewing machine. It is a basic machine that she claims children have used.


My problem is: I am worried about using it because I don't want to break it.  I couldn't face going back and saying it was broken. On the other hand if I don't use it I will do no sewing for 2 weeks.


I keep thinking of the time I looked after my neighbours fish and it died! What do you think?

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I can understand the feeling.. .but use it!! ... especially since it was lent by a sewing teacher who will have 'seen it all' anyway... and since it's  one that kids have used,  I don't think she's too worried about it.
I think that 'kids have used it' is the key here. She is reassuring you that this is indestructable and you should use it. Enjoy the loaner.   
Thank you Casey and Ann, I am a bit worried because it is her own machine but she is a very laid back kind of person, thanks for your supoortive comments

Use it!!!

Not that your going to break it but if the worst happens I'm sure she will understand and you don't seem like the sort of person who will pass it back to her and hope she doesn't notice its broken (I've had somebody do that before with something else).  Like Casey said she's probably not to worried about it :)

Thanks Kirsty - you are right, I couldn't give it back broken and not say anything, how weird, fancy someone doing that! I don't normally borrow things anyway...... perhaps I am over thinking this!

Charolette.... I just love you.. You are the most thoughtful ,kind person I know.


PLease use the sewing machine, I promise you, it will be fine. As the other girls said, the teacher

said kids used it [shows its built tuff]. You wont break it. Sewing machines are not that easy to break.ha

But..if something did happen [it wont!!!], you could put it in the shop too.. No worries ,just enjoy you some

sewing this  next 2 weeks..And then when you get "your machine " home, It will be like a new one..YOu will

be so happy!!!

   Now bosey Maw  will be checking to see if your sewing?? [and you know I will worry you to death, if your not


   Just another thought--- A very good sign that you are a wonderful person is:  the teacher loaned you the sewing machine, she has faith in you and knows you are nice..yea.yea.

Good point Judy! The teacher wouldn't have loaned you the machine if she didn't believe in you!

Plus you'll have no tension issues, think how refreshing this will be!

So the word on the street is "GO FOR IT!"

Thank you Judy and Cathe, now I am really looking forward to having my machine back, how fab, no tension! Cathe you are right that will be something amazing, the machine has been temperamental for ages....


And I will let you know how I am getting on Judy, I don't want to let my lovely sewing Maw down xxxx

I'd use it because your teacher would be happier that you'd learned something by using it rather than not doing anything at all.  She wouldn't have let you borrow it if she didn't trust you ... 
Thanks Diane, I didn't think of that.
Will be watching for  you.. hahhaha.. Happy sewing.. Look forward to seeing whats next?
It sounds like you have no choice but to use it!


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