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I have borrowed someone else's machine....... should I use it?

I have had tension problems for ages, on my machine and me personally, the bloody machine was giving me tension because it wouldn't work ;0)


Anyway.... I went to sewing class this week and my teacher confirmed it wasn't just me, the machine is in need of attention. So I have left it at the Studio and the repair men is going to look at it. I can't get it back for at least 2 weeks.


In a nutshell, my lovely lovely dressmaking class teacher has leant me a sewing machine. It is a basic machine that she claims children have used.


My problem is: I am worried about using it because I don't want to break it.  I couldn't face going back and saying it was broken. On the other hand if I don't use it I will do no sewing for 2 weeks.


I keep thinking of the time I looked after my neighbours fish and it died! What do you think?

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For my grandmother, she would use it as a someone is talking "blah, blah, blah so... " and the converstaion dwindles at the point of "so", she would throw in " buttons on your underwear".

Talking smart wasn't about sassyness, it was about two people having a really good conversation. My grandmother and her sister would talk up a storm together, oddly they lived only two blocks from each other but could talk to each other like they hadn't seen each other in a year. Their conversations were referred to as talking smart. A totally different generation!

Judy, how did your mom use these phrases?

Well Cathe I think you have found two phrases that don't have an equivalent phrase in British English, I like them very much though. I am going to use them as soon as I get a chance....


Cheeky = sassy; one I had heard of before but we never ever say sassy, although I did know what it meant (too much American tv I suspect) - so we have found another difference without trying!


I am really enjoying this talking smart thing ;0)


By the way I have a ginger on the way Cathe, for some reason it is making me think of you - I am going to try to make a sorbetto to go with it....

I have no idea why you would think of me for either Ginger or Sorbetto! Are you thinking perhaps my wardrobe only consists of two patterns with lots of variation, because it's true…Ha! 


I look forward to seeing your creation Charlotte!


So sassy!

tee hee ;0)

Cathe and Charolette..

  My mom would say so--sew buttons on your drawers!  this was when my sisters and I would be being sassy to her...and she would tell us something and we would say" so" or So what?" Her response would be , So- Sew buttons on your drawers!"

   And talking smart... was definitely.. being  a smart eleck... back talking.. She would say, 'You better stop that smart talking or I will give you something smart to talk about!'  lol

  Charolette.. thats a new one on me too.. Cheeky--- never heard it..but that sounds like sassy..hahahha... We will have to save all these sayings for our kids and grandkids... They will love it..ha

My grandma (and my mother, and now I too) simply end it at 'Sew buttons' though recently its been modified again to one of us saying "Sew buttons" and the other will quip "And zippers" 

Refreshing to hear other people talking that ;) I usually get odd looks and "What?" when I finish a conversation with 'Sew buttons"

That's perfect! Love it!

How lovely!


This thread is never going to end you know because we don't say zippers here either but zips.


One of us is going to have to kill this conversation soon or it will just run and run ;0)


So? (this is your chance!) buttons on your drawers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  [couldnt resist.ha]

In conclusion to the original thread title:


I have returned the (unbroken) machine to my sewing teacher and collected my mended machine.


The repair man says he thinks it was always wrong, some kind of factory seal inside had not been broken so that is why the machine has nevre run right and i have NEVER made a successful buttonhole on it. I thought I was particularly rubbish at them but it turns out my machine has always been duff. How silly do I feel?


I can't sew tonight, I am out for dinner, but I can't wait to try it out tomorrow.


So, sew buttons on your knickers ;0)

Hi Charolette.


   I am sooooo happy you got your machine back and hopefully run like  a brand

new one.. Cant wait to find out...


  I am rolling on the floor laughing [so--sew buttons on your drawers!!!! hahahhaha]/

 Hope you have a good dinner out tonight.. Judy

Thanks Judy, I did xx


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