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Well I have been dreaming about recreating this dress ever since it appeared on the Couture Allure blog, but I can't get my head around how the skirt part would be constructed. Any thoughts how it might be recreated?

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Hi Shannon, Just guessing - but take a circle skirt pattern and place seam where this gather is. Lengthen the seamline by however much 'extra' fabric you want in the gathered section. square off at the end of the line & draft new curves from this line to meet original circle. I'm guessing it will look either oval or egg shaped. use a 2cm seam pressed open, but leave a small gap in the stitching for the ties to exit. stitch the channels for the ties by topstitching over the seam allowances. Thread the ties through the channels and out the hole (so that you're bow will be on the outside) Pull/gather up the excess fabric you added when you elongated the seamline until the hem is back to a normal circle. You may want to make it longer than you want it finished, just in case you need to trim the hem even on a dress form. 

Thank you Casey...I'll have to see if I am brave enough to play with it:)
Casey, I think that's the right approach. The gathered part seems to be a separate piece in the pictures. That will probably make drafting easier.

Ingrid.. you're right.. I hadn't noticed that seam in the picture. It is a separate piece... which could make for an even fuller skirt than my method above. So.. another way to do it would be - Take the full circle skirt pattern with seam line cut where the gather is.. and insert a godet (triangular insert) which has centre seam/ties and elongated hem as above. The width of the godet at the hem is what will make the extra fullness on that side of the skirt. (Again.. definately make the whole thing longer than you want finished and trim even on a dress form) note: when drafting the godet, add seam allowances and square off the top of the triangle.

Shannon.. we're all going to want to see this skirt now! Hope you're still keen to give it a whirl!

it's a lot of fabric to play with isn't it! I too would find that a little daunting to go straight in with.. and it'd take alot of muslin to to do a full scale toile. I'd make the skirt 1/3 scale in some scrap first to check that it works. Perfect for a barbie doll!

Maybe a skirt for my daughter would be a good place to play.
You could also make the skirt part a lot longer than you wanted it, make the gathering channel, do the gathering and then cut the hemline to suit.
BEAUTIFUL dress and fantastic discussion thread! I love this!!


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