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   When you buy a  new pattern, it is all neatly folded in the envelope and fits perfectly.. However, after you cut it apart and cut it  out..The patten is all fat and the envelope is stuffed. I worked with a lady at the hospital [years ago]. She brought me some of her patterns.. I was stunned.. they were perfect [just like new patterns].She told me, she ironed her pattern peices ,before returning to the envelope..??????

   How does everyone handle the patterns?? Do you iron them?

    Where do you keep your patterns.. Are they filed? are they in  a pattern box? Are they sorted according to groups,sizes etc??

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AMAZING! I love color coordinated filing! :-)
I have always ironed my pattern pieces before putting them back in the envelope.  Both my granma and my mom taught me to do that.  I sort my pattern in a 3-drawer cabinet by item; shirts, skirts, dresses, etc.


  I am slowly but surely getting mine ironed . I was terrible...poking them in the envelope..BAD!!!  I can't believe how much more my pattern boxes hold..since I started ironing them.Thanks for sharing.

Once I have refitted and adjusted  I iron and interface them... so they arent fagil anymore and can last for years.
Rachel.. thats a great idea..especially for the  'KEEPERS'  that you use over and over...


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