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   When you buy a  new pattern, it is all neatly folded in the envelope and fits perfectly.. However, after you cut it apart and cut it  out..The patten is all fat and the envelope is stuffed. I worked with a lady at the hospital [years ago]. She brought me some of her patterns.. I was stunned.. they were perfect [just like new patterns].She told me, she ironed her pattern peices ,before returning to the envelope..??????

   How does everyone handle the patterns?? Do you iron them?

    Where do you keep your patterns.. Are they filed? are they in  a pattern box? Are they sorted according to groups,sizes etc??

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Would love to have a rummage through that lot! Isn't it sometimes more interesting for everything to be all in together like that?!
Marguerite.. me too... looks fun,doesnt it??
Ironing a pattern is genus! I'm on it, thanks for the insight!

Debbie, how do you trace patterns? That sounds like an excellent idea too especially if you are mixing pieces and parts.

Love the zip-lock bag suggestion too. I accumulate "stuff" that I would like to keep together with the pattern.

Thank you ladies, this is so insightful. I love the idea of being organized! My ultimate goal!

Hi Cathe, I use greaseproof paper to trace my patterns onto (not sure what you call it over there, but it is super cheap, comes in a 30 metre roll by 30cm wide, it is used here to wrap sandwiches in).  I use "magic tape" to tape sheets big enough to trace the pattern on.  I then lay the paper over the pattern pieces and trace off a copy.  I can then make any adjustments I need to the traced pattern, and my original pattern is still in one piece. 


It is more time consuming, but I like to preserve the original pattern.  All the copies go into the zippy lock bag, with the pattern envelope and any notes I make about changes etc.  I also put notions and fabric I might use for that project into the bag (if it will fit).


Have fun organising!!

I use greaseproof paper and magic tape too!!! lol.
I found greaseproof paper a bit tricky to get markings to stay on, and in my lack of coordination I tended to get more sticky tape stuck to me than the paper. I went to Spotlight looking for other solutions and they sell sew-in interfacing by the (relatively big) roll for $8. It's about 110cm wide so I'm not using tape anymore!

I iron my patterns too, but nowadays I mostly trace them onto paper instead. I use Swedish tracing paper, which I find funny, as it is certainly not calledthat here in Sweden, and not used that much here either. I like it as you can pin or baste it, so I can use it for a first fitting.


I store my patterns in the original envelope or a zip-lock bag, standing in a box. I sort them after time period. Ongoing project also have whatever is needed to finish, like thread, buttonbs, sippers and so on. I easily get bored with a project and find it useful to keep things together, as I can then store it all away and still have everything I need when I get back to it.

I do iron my patterns before I use them, too. 


But I actually fold the pattern exactly the way it was origonally folded so that I can get it back in the envelope.  Every time I do it, I feel like a crazy person who's trying to fold a map up.    heh

Whenever I get in the mood to make a new creation, it can be a little daunting to dig through all my patterns to find a particular style or just look at all the skirt patterns or jacket patterns or whatever.  But, with the help of my computer, I figured out a new organization system that makes it a SNAP!  Sooo easy, but it involves taking pictures of your patterns!   I already blogged about it, so check it out if you're interested.

Oh, and I've never ironed pattern pieces - not before I've used them, not after. 


Love everyones storage ways,  I like keeping the bobbins/zip/threads in the zip lock bag with the pattern! great idea.

I keep a copy of the cover of the pattern in an A5 folder with plastic pockets and the actual pattern in a A4 plastic pocket then in a suspension file in my filing cabinet.  As you might see its all colour coordinated.

WOW !!!!! Stacie.. I am impressed..  You all have really encouraged me to work on my pattern storage and putting a way.. Now.........if  I would just STOP buying patterns, so I can catch up on what I already have.ha Great ideas.

I cant stop buying patterns too!

Thanks, my mum helped alot too...alot! i have to say i do work at an office supply place so i get alot of the stuff very cheap!


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