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If you have ever made a 1950s dress, you may be disappointed with the skirt silhouette unless you wear a gathered crinoline petticoat underneath!  Back in the 50s ladies donned as many as nine tiered petticoats of tulle before putting on the final skirt. 

These skirts are simple enough to make, but none of us want to purchase thirty yards of tulle for something you'll never even see!  So I concocted a super-simple method that just takes 1/4 yd. of lining fabric and 2 yds. of stiff crinoline.  Besides this, I've found a way to make the crinoline adjustable so you can have the front panel of Butterick 4790 (the walkaway dress) still lay flat under the circle skirt.  You can read the complete instructions here




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Very clever - such a neat idea.


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