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I have done a Very Bad Thing. I have coveted a vintage pattern that was quite expensive. It's a 1930s dress pattern. I really like it. So I bought it..... I can't tell you how much I paid because it's just too naughty... I'll post photos when it arrives though....


I am a larger bust size so I got a bit excited this pattern was my size!


How much is too much to pay? I love a charity shop find or an ebay bargain but my pattern box is bulging with cheapo patterns I bought that are not attractive or not in my size....


Do you buy lots of cheap patterns or hang out for the one you want and pay a big price for it if necessary?


How much is the most you have paid for a pattern? 


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I've just been naughty with fabric from Croft Mill Charlotte - have you seen the Italian Collection?  I bought the last 4 metres of the blue and pink stuff!  Just couldn't resist it!
I love Croft Mill....their prices are so good!  I got some amazing taffeta and a lovely loosely woven wool from them! So much fun!!!

good for you! I have seen it, good for you x


Did you enjoy the Stitch and Craft show today - and did you spend loads there too????

Enjoyed the day and took some photos which I'll post when I get my energy back!  My best buys were some pink ric rac, navy and white striped buttons and some fabric called '1950's kitchen' which is destined to become another apron.  I haven't splurged like I did at Croft Mill.  I  reckoned I deserved that though, 'because I'm worth it!' (and I've had to work really hard just lately!) 
yes you are
You are deserve it... enjoy..
Thanks both!
I have that problem too! :-)  I love having a stash as well :-)
yes its true it is hard to know which one to use first, although I did use left top for this weeks challenge.
My problem isn't how much I pay for an individual pattern, but rather, at the moment how rapidly I'm accumulating them!!!  I just bought 4 more today (Vogue vintage reproductions - one from the 30's (my first!), two from the 40's and one from the 50's) and had already bought three others (second hand vintage ones) this week.  Eek!!  Must.  Stop.  Soon.
it's very addictive I would love to see them.

Good for you - I must admit I have more patterns than I can sew... if I see one in my size I just have to buy it!


On that note, lovely Amanda saw this thread and has not helped at all by sending me a link to some patterns she had seen in my size on etsy. I have bought them too - 2 forties dresses and a fifties blouse! So thanks Amanda, my bank balance doesn't need the encouragement! (great patterns though, thank you xxx you are kind thinking of me :0))


So as a result of this I have been doubly naughty....


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