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I have done a Very Bad Thing. I have coveted a vintage pattern that was quite expensive. It's a 1930s dress pattern. I really like it. So I bought it..... I can't tell you how much I paid because it's just too naughty... I'll post photos when it arrives though....


I am a larger bust size so I got a bit excited this pattern was my size!


How much is too much to pay? I love a charity shop find or an ebay bargain but my pattern box is bulging with cheapo patterns I bought that are not attractive or not in my size....


Do you buy lots of cheap patterns or hang out for the one you want and pay a big price for it if necessary?


How much is the most you have paid for a pattern? 


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Charlotte - my theory is ...... if you really love it, and have wanted it for ages (or not) then it doesn't matter how much you paid.  What is expensive to me might be reasonable to you and vice versa, depending on what it is,  our taste, situation etc, etc.


I say just love it, guilt free.  I can't wait to see the pictures and then your "creation"!


(Justify it this way - it is an antique, and antiques are an investment!!)


Most I've ever paid for a pattern - probably around $25(AUD).



Thanks Debbie for your support - you are right, I am just going to say blow it and enjoy having the pattern! x
Love your thinking..agree totally to you and Debbie.. Cant wait to see the pattern..

YAY! A 1930's pattern!!! 

As for me, I wait for the pattern I really want and then pay for it!  Because I usually buy patterns from the U.S.--it's a bit cheaper.  Though as a general rule, I usually don't buy cheap patterns or patterns in bulk.  I also have a love for the 1930's and early 1940's (which usually--but not always means more expensive patterns!) 


I think of it as an investment...If I wanted I could turn around and sell all my patterns (after making copies, of course) and make quite a bit of money (especially in the U.K.) can't do that with cheapo patterns (which cost you more to sell them then you make in return).  In my opinion--it's a win-win or what I call pattern capital.  You have the pattern you love, in your size, from a beautiful decade.


Hmmm..the most I've paid is probably just under £40 ($55).  Though I have bid as high as £90 ($140) for my DREAM pattern that ended up selling for $275 on ebay.  But that's ok because I think I *just* might be able to draft it myself :-)


So I say, don't feel bad about your pattern purchase....most people probably spend the equivalent amount for lots of patterns that they don't really love, that aren't in their size and that they will never make.  In my world, it's all about quality rather than quantity!!

Thanks Debi - I don't feel so bad now, I am so looking forward to getting the pattern, the only problem is I think it will be beyond me to make it at the moment! I hope that making an item a week I will make enough progress to be able to do it!
You'd be surprised how amazingly drafted the 1930's patterns are! They always look complicated but are really brilliant! (of course, some are just complicated) :-)  Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and seeing the pattern!
   Sure you will.. I have faith in you.. As great  ,as your doing... you will be making any think you want.. Happy Sewing.

Charolette, [ Naughty Girl],,  yep... I have been naughty too.ha I buy lots of patterns [probably lots that i will never use]. But occasionally....if it  REALLY   is something,   I really want, its worth that extra expense...  I tell myself...I will sale it on ebay ,after coping.. But, I never do.ha

     And if you find one in your size , that you dont have to work on so much.. I say yea.yea.yea!!!!!!! You did good!!!

   Have fun.. Cant wait to see the pattern.. Happy Sewing.

Thanks Judy - it is a gorgeous pattern and I just love the 30s look, I could sell it again... but I won't! ;0)

Its always worth it. Here are a few of my recent buys :

I feel there is value in a pattern as you can use it sevaral times.I do like the feeling of having a stash !
love love love your stash Charlotte - some great buys there, it is good to have a nice stash I agree x have some really cute ones... isnt it have a stash!!!  The only problem...when its time to make something...I have such a time..trying to decide which one to use first.ha Happy Sewing.


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