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I have done a Very Bad Thing. I have coveted a vintage pattern that was quite expensive. It's a 1930s dress pattern. I really like it. So I bought it..... I can't tell you how much I paid because it's just too naughty... I'll post photos when it arrives though....


I am a larger bust size so I got a bit excited this pattern was my size!


How much is too much to pay? I love a charity shop find or an ebay bargain but my pattern box is bulging with cheapo patterns I bought that are not attractive or not in my size....


Do you buy lots of cheap patterns or hang out for the one you want and pay a big price for it if necessary?


How much is the most you have paid for a pattern? 


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Now...  you know I have got it bad..when  you think up ways to  go to the fabric stores.ha.. It definitely made for a 'HAPPY '  doctors visit..

    I am doing fine girls... Just had to go to the dermatologist , to have a couple  sun spots removed from face... no cancer... got it before it  turned into cancer... Look pretty yuky today.. And I finished my ugly dress last night... so I think I will take  a picture with my 'NEW' manequin [upcoming story on that one!! yea!!] watch for it!!!

   Happy Sewing Girls...

Looking at your beautiful pattern again this morning, it really is lovely! I love the line drawing, it's so stylish. I would probably frame that image. So pretty!
thanks Cathe... I only have to make it now! ;0) It's in a queue of projects....
I do the same thing especially if a pattern overwhelms me which is very typical. I stew on it for some time…nothing wrong with that!

 Hi Cathe,

  isnt that pattern pretty... I love it too.. You know what??? If you keep looking  you are going to be spending hours on internet trying to find it...ha,ha.. I do that.. if   I see one, that I just love... I hunt and hunt and usally never find it.ha Have a good day.

Have you started on your vintage pattern? Do share when you get underway!
not yet Cathe - I will though!

ooop, I did it again....


so these are the patterns I bought on etsy after Amanda encouraged my pattern stashing... ;0)


aren't they lovely????


I have plans ...... depends on next week's challenge ....

Yes they are lovely, which one are you thinking of sewing first? I love the #2 sleeveless top on the left pattern envelope! Good thing you bought this first or I would be all over it!

I must admit I see a blouse in my near future - I just have a UFO and a dress for the UK meet to work on first ;0)


I now have an esty habit to go with my ebay habit, tee hee

Oh ,you are making me want to go to Etsy and  look.. I tell you.......I MUST stay away from patterns and fabric for awhile.haha  I love the new patterns.. Great shopping..Know you had fun.. Now..we have done all this shopping.we need to find sewing time.ha
Ooh, very nice!  I especially love the dress on the right.  :-)


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