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I have done a Very Bad Thing. I have coveted a vintage pattern that was quite expensive. It's a 1930s dress pattern. I really like it. So I bought it..... I can't tell you how much I paid because it's just too naughty... I'll post photos when it arrives though....


I am a larger bust size so I got a bit excited this pattern was my size!


How much is too much to pay? I love a charity shop find or an ebay bargain but my pattern box is bulging with cheapo patterns I bought that are not attractive or not in my size....


Do you buy lots of cheap patterns or hang out for the one you want and pay a big price for it if necessary?


How much is the most you have paid for a pattern? 


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Charolette, I think you are rubbing off on me,ha. I just bid on 4 different auctions on ebay.. ooooh.I need to stop.. I think I have patterns coming in the mail nearly every day.


oooh oooh hope you win!


Our postman has worn a groove in the path delivering all the patterns, ha ha x

 Mine too.. bet our postmen are really wondering , 'what on earth are they ordering?" ha

 I am like a kid at Christmas time.. Cant wait to tear into the package to see what pattern..I have been ordering so many..I can't even remember ,what I have ordered.. [this is bad!!!]

It' a running joke here that the only mail we receive are bills and patterns! hahaha!
Debi, sounds like my house too.ha ha
Here's my logic, you can buy a pile of inexpensive patterns and never use them or you can buy one expensive pattern. What you make with this pattern is beautiful and you love it and who knows you might alter the pattern and make another lovely garment. In the end you probably spent more money on the throw-away patterns and less on the loved pattern.

I think it's better to spend wisely then frivolously.

Just the fact that you have thought long and hard about this pattern and it sounds like it's got your creative juices flowing is a gigantic plus. I can't wait to see what you make! I'm sure it's going to be lovely!

I think the most I have spent is $40 for a pattern. I'm not sure what I would consider too expensive. I like Debi's thought on selling the pattern on ebay after you are done with it. That can take the ouch out the purchase.

thanks for your reply Cathe, I agree one really good pattern that you love is the way to go. However I am doing both things at once, lots of cheap and cheerful plus expensive splurging. I must I must I must stop soon! I don't think they do pattern buying rehab.....


I too like Debi's suggestion but I can't see myself doing it! ;0)


 I like your logic... When you say it........... It sounds like I'm not spending ,spending,spending on patterns. .ha.. You made me feel better about my last week splurges on patterns..


OK, this is the pattern I just couldn't live without:


Any educated guesses as to a date for it would be appreciated ;0)
It's LOVELY! What's the pattern number?  Is it a Butterick?  my guess would be 1931.....but I could probably tell from the pattern number!

It's Butterick 3858 and was printed in New York. It has an instruction sheet. I will read it and report back!


Your thoughts are gratefully received.


If this isn't a complicated question, how do you tell from the number?

Some patterns are easier (like McCall--though they also put the year on their patterns).  But I usually go to  and check the years and see what patterns they have up for a given year...  I just searched 1931 and they have a Butterick pattern with the number: 3628.  They don't have any listings for 1932  but then 1933 has a much different numbering system starting with 5033 numbers.  So I would guess either 1931 or 1932 for your pattern...


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