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This might seem a silly question, but please bear with me.... I'm still a novice at this!


When you see a fabric you just love, but you don't have a specific pattern in mind for, how many metres should you buy? Do you do this and if so do you have a sort of rule in your mind for each width fabric or do you just but a certain amount and hope for the best?


Thanks for your  thoughts x 

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good plan Debbie ;0) I am seriously considering getting my own, this might be the excuse I need....


I have impulse bought some fabric online today too....

Me too... Couldnt resist.. is having  a 15% off of Michael Miller fabric until 3/7/11.. I love this fabric..So, it was a good excuse ..ha
tee hee! a girl's got to treat herself sometimes!
My package that I couldnt resist came today..  Like Christmas Can't wait to make a dress  with it. Judy
Sounds great  -what app are you using? Have you any recomendations? Any app to advoid?
Impulse fabric buying is becoming a big problem for me. Darn Op Shops are too tempting. I came out of one last Friday with 8 pieces of material, a bundle of zips, buttons and four patterns all for $11.50 ... And then today it was a piece of fabric and six patterns, plus a delivery from ebay. I need to do more sewing to justify my purchases. Of course she who dies with the biggest stash wins!! :-)
How great - what bargains you get Jen! I'd be thrilled with all that ;0)
Had to laugh Jen - she who dies with the biggest stash wins! -  in fact.. that's how most of my stash came to me! sad but true!
Jen..I love it....."she who dies with the biggest stash wins!!!"  I  am so proud to  find people like me ,who have fabric and supplies on the brain,ha. Judy
I have looking at everyones answers to this because I've had a made moment over the weekend have bought sevral 'job lots' of patterns on ebay, I'm actually feeling a bit guilty as the number of patterns now making my way will be over 50!!! So I need to look at material now!
Lucky you - you will have to show us when they arrive.  Thre should be plenty of inspiration in that lot!

Hi Charolette P.

  I am excited .. Can't wait to see ..Send us a picture.. [ I love looking at everyones else finds.."ALMOST" as good as getting the find yourself.ha Now, you can have fun finding the fabric.. Happy Hunting..Judy


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