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This might seem a silly question, but please bear with me.... I'm still a novice at this!


When you see a fabric you just love, but you don't have a specific pattern in mind for, how many metres should you buy? Do you do this and if so do you have a sort of rule in your mind for each width fabric or do you just but a certain amount and hope for the best?


Thanks for your  thoughts x 

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Photos of the best needed! Good for you x

Why is it all soo tempting? Ebay is my bete noir! I love it too much I am sooo addicted!

I keep having to try to rationalise my ever growing stash of fabric and patterns to my bf by going online and showing him the closets and wardrobes full to bursting compared to my 2 boxes.

I have that App on my phone but It is american and does everything in Yards I just put in how many meters in that box but just a pre warning to anyone that gets it, that is tres annoying.

Plus it is £6.00 odd!


An excellent question and lots of excellent replies.

I have been searching GOOGLE for this exact answer.

I want to make a 1940s tea dress but don't know how much fabric to buy.  I thought 3 metres x 45 inches would be enough but my 'sewing gut' is telling me something else and that I should get more.  At this width I think I would round it off to 5 metres and even if this is too much I can either make something else with the fabric or sell it on.


A new fabric store near where I live is selling Liberty prints at £10 per metre.  The width is approximately 54 or 59 inches (I can't remember which) and the seller told me that 2 1/2 to 3 metres should be enough.  It is excellent quality being 100% Egyptian cotton (and it feels absolutely gorgeous as well).


But then again it all comes down to how much the fabric initially costs and what you want to make with it.  As someone has already said it is better to have too much than not enough.  If the fabric is 45 inches wide and £5 and less per metre then I would definitely buy 5 metres.  £25 for 5 metres of fabric to make a dress that is a one off is better than paying £25 plus for a dress in a chain store.  And you will most probably have enough fabric left over to make something else with it.


Someone mentioned about a size guide that can  be purchased.  I did take a look at this but decided against for quite a few reasons, the one being I would prefer to make my own up.


I've probably not helped much if at all but the main thing is that a seamstress can never have too much fabric in her stash.


With kind regards.






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