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After all the useful tips for pattern storing, I am sure there can be fabric storing tricks that we can share.


My inner librarian loves to make catalouges, so perhaps it is not surprising that I have a card catalouge for my fabrics too. I got the idea from the Net years ago, and find it very practical, though a bit time consuming to start up. Every time I buy a fabric that I'm not going to use at once I cut out a small square and pin to a card. I note the colour and material and then I add width and length and, if I already know, what I will use it for. Then I iron the fabric and fold carefully before putting it in a numbered box. I add which number to the card as well.


The beauty of the system is that I don't have to sort fabrics in any way, or keep the boxes readily at hand (I have to store my fabrics in the attic). When I need a fabric I just go to my card box and look for the right box. No more digging through everything to find just that elusive fabric! It is also easy to gauge if I have enough fabric for a certain project just by gleaning at a card. I find this system very practical and nowadays not very hard to keep up with, if I just put the fabric away at once and remember to remove the card when I've used a fabric.

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omg that is so organised. Great idea!


I store my fabric in two places:


1. the cupboard on top of my airing cupboard. I need a chair to get at it and I just chuck things on top. Then I forget what's in there and can't find a thing.


2. I have a child's pine wardrobe that I was given on freecycle. It's in my bedroom and it's full. I'm afraid I just pile it up.


So not good really!

Wow - that is impressive, and you must have an amazing stash.  I used to do quilting - so I have all my quilting fabrics stored in plastic drawers in colour.  My dressmaking fabrics (which I don't have a lot of), is folded up in a couple of baskets and the cupboard of my cutting out table.  Maybe I should start something like you are using, so as my stash grows it is easier to keep track of ....
Well, I have 6 large boxes full of fabric in the attic and one shelf and a drawer in the apartment, so I find it very helpful to have all my fabrics in a little box, so too speak. :)
I'm so impressed and wish I could be so organized. My fabric is folded and stacked by fabric content and color. Not very impressive! I love how thoughtful you are. I would love to see how this all looks, it sounds perfect! organized.. I am impressed.


 I have  a sewing room and my husband built shelfs in a closet. I fold my fabrics and 'TRY' to keep them neatly on the shelves. I also , have my old kitchen cabinets from my old torn down house. they house all my holiday fabrics ,such as Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving,etc. Plus all my sewing books.

  I cant remember what all I have..but I love when Its time to choose my next garment, to go through the search and hunt for the just right fabric.. Time consuming but fun.

I've taken over our hallway coat closet, and instead of coats hanging, I have all of my fabric on hangers.  I can see it all very clearly so nothing ever goes amiss and stays wrinkle free (for the most part).
What a great idea!


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